Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Gone in 2 seconds!

The doggies and hoomans had a blast at the last DASH.
We got to run a really great trail...

And the hoomans learnt how to drink a can of beer in 2 seconds! Here's how...

Step 1: Punch a hole about the size of a quarter at the side of the can.

Step 2: Place lips securely over hole.

Step 3: Tilt head back and pull the tab!

Step 4: Everybody laugh at the aftermath!!!

And here are the 2 hoomans responsible:
Eager Beaver and VOICE of Reason from KHHH.


P.S. Check out more funny pix and videos on Kingsley's blog!

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Wild Boar Lays Run #77

If you remember, i was Christianed Wild Boar during the Anniversary Run in February. Well, i've had a new haircut since then, as i was panting more than i was Dashing, due to the extremely hot and sluggish weather. Anyway, looks aside, it was my turn to lay the run for this month's Dash. We went to Tagore Lane, a place i've been wanting to check out for the longest time. Woo hoo!! Boy, was i glad for my lack of fur, as we cut through a "virgin" trail. As the men were busy hacking a path for us, Mum managed to take some photos...

Aunty C is really into nature, so she stopped to look at many interesting things along the way. Luckily, we didn't run into any creepy crawlies, if not we would have lost Mum along the way!

Then came 5pm, and it was time for OnOn!! After 3 hours of laying the trail, i knew it very well, and Dad and i Dashed ahead! Bond, as usual, was with Mom. We lost them within the 1st minute as i'm the Alpha Wild Boar!!

All great things must come to an end, and it was a picture-taking finale...

Wild Boars deserve to cuddle up to their Dads some time, especially when they were the Hares...

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Sleepy? Hungry? Or both?


A sleepy boy waiting for his food.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Separation Anxiety

My girlfriend Kaylie and good friend Jaffe have gone off to Canada with their MaMa and PaPa. It has left me feeling sad and a little lost. Luckily, we got to spend one last wonderous day at Sentosa together. It was really fun, but when it was almost time to say goodbye...

I couldn't bear to show too much of my feelings, being the macho man that I am...

Mum has told me that Kaylie and Jaffe have safely reached Toronto. Thank goodness, i was a little worried, with them being in the crate and the belly of the plane for so long.

To keep me occupied, Mum brought Bond and i to the Dash on Saturday. Boy, the run, or should I say, climb, uphill and downhill, up uphill and downhill, sure left us with nothing else to think about, except putting one paw in front of the other! Needless to say, with Mum grabbing onto any branch or vine for dear life, she didn't manage to take any shots of us. Sigh...

That's me, sitting next to the ice box hoping to get a feel of some cold air. Pant Pant Pant...

Monday, 7 April 2008

In memorial of someone special

This has to be the loooongest break my hoomans have taken to update my blog. Don't ask me, ask them. Sigh.... Anyway, they broke the news to me last week about the demise of a long lost uncle, Uncle Cyril. He had been fighting against postrate cancer for the longest time. So heartbreaking for us. My hoomans had just visited him less than a week before that. Uncle Cyril was really a nice man, with a ready smile for everyone, especially me. He would bring me and Bond presents on our barkday. He liked me a lot, always asking Dad about me when they used to hang out.

Uncle Cyril, we will miss you. Hope you are reunited with your 3 beautiful Shelties at Rainbow Bridge.

We'll miss you......................................................

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Can you spot me?

Mommy brought us to the Bukit Brown Cemetery, at long last, this weekend. The rains have finally stopped and it was a glorious day. Bond and i went wild, running here and bashing through there.

Crazy dog trying to fight with the branches and getting caught. Oaf!

Can you see me? Not easy huh? That's my commando stunt, totally blended in with the environment.
Zoom in to check out my Unidentified Object eyes. Wooohhh...

Is this a dog or a hyenna???

Me struggling against the very strong current. Push! Push!

Thursday, 10 January 2008

1st DASH of 2008

We didn't make it to the first DASH of 2008! In fact, we went after the event ended. Mum made sure to join the other hashers just as the circle started and the beer flowed. Gee Mum!

Spending quality time with Jaffe and Kaylie in the incessant rain

WE sure had a lot of fun, even in Daddy's absence. He flew off to Bangkok last Friday. He must have fallen in love with travelling; Hong Kong in Nov, Krabi in December and now Bangkok. Wonder where he's going to next month. Sigh...

Our hoomans lost track of time and they chatted till 11pm!! No worries though. Bond and i made good use of the time exploring and exploring the surrounding coconut trees. Bond even found a 1 1/2 metre long monitor lizard! Kingsley, Ink and Jake were nice and dry cozy-ing up in the pavilion. When we went home, Bond and i were showered at 12mn!! Brrr!!!

Monday, 31 December 2007


Bond and i would like to wish all our friends...


May we get more HUGS, WALKS & TREATS in 2008!! Woof Woof Woooof...!!!!