Tuesday, 27 November 2007

He's back!

Daddy's back finally, after being almost a week in Hong Kong. Guess he must have enjoyed himself very much. He bought a lot of treats for Bond and i, as promised. But surprisingly, he only got himself 4 T-shirts, what a miser! He was busy for the past few days processing his photographs taken, and mind you, it's more than 700 of them. Geez, he sure was trigger-happy! Technology (the SD Card, dunno what that is) these days sure can make hoomans crazy...

Oh, and he also got something for MY car.

It's a sticker for the windscreen. "Bad dog in car". Hmmm... i think that's a for warning other road users of Bond, it can't be of me. Must be that. Hehe... Bond Bond bad dog! Bond Bond bad dog!

Friday, 16 November 2007

Going Away!

No no no, it's not me. It's my Daddy. He has been so busy preparing for his trip to Hong Kong this weekend that he's had no time to
update my blog. Life's been the same -o same-o routine for Bond and me, visiting the park and walkies every night around the neighbourhood. Nothing significant happening. Yawn...!

Being a good boy, i had to help Dad for his trip.He can be quite forgetful at times.

Hey Dad, maybe I can hide in the luggage and you can bring me to Hong Kong. Good idea?

After much thought and a lot of packing and re-packing, Dad managed to keep the bag half empty. And you know why? Cos there is a Pets Megamart in Hong Kong, and he is going to buy lots and lots of toys and treats for us, to make up for going away!! Right Dad?!?! Baileys' hooman says it is cheaper to get treats from Hong Kong, especially greenies which may be half the price. Guess we gonna miss him (or is it the anticipation of the treats?). Come back soon Dad!

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Bond's Barkweek

What a week it has been! Not as colourful as my barkweek, if i do woof so myself, but still lots of fun. It started with a visit to the park. It was very warm that day so we didn't really run around much.

pant, pant, pant

So, to keep cool, we went to Sentosa again the next day. It was rather quiet that day but we had fun swimming to and from the islet.

And guess what Bond did???

Yo, that's too small for our dinner. Please get a bigger one next time!

As we swam from the islet towards the mainland, he spotted a fish and happily brought it back to Daddy, much to everyone's amusement. Hello Bond, you are not a fisherdog ok?

The week ended with a visit to great grandpa's place. Bond was showered with lots of attention from Lena and her friends.