Sunday, 29 April 2007

SKC Doggie Show

We went to Singapore Expo for the SKC Doggie Show this morning, together with Chester, of course. It was kinda weird cos i was expecting quite a lot of canines there. The turnout and the number of stalls were definitely the lowest i've seen. That didn't deter Mummy, though. She went on a shopping spree. She bought a lot of treats for us (drool drool), something Daddy is not very happy about cos he prefers to give us natural ones. But i'm totally fine with that. Hehe...

Meeting many canines there, big and small.

Grrr... Someone is staring at me!

We also met JD, a 3-year old Cairn Terrier. His humans were talking to Daddy and Mummy about our characters. We are very different. I'm dominant, he's submissive. I'm not into ball games, he loves playing fetch. And he's hyperactive while i'm...ahem! And i'm way darker than he is!

Although Daddy kept grumbling about
Mummy's impulsive buying, he just couldn't
resist buying this 'naked chicken' for Bond.

And they got me this set of 'dumbbells'.
You trying to tell me something, Dad?!

Saturday, 28 April 2007

Guest in the house

Is that a white cat in the house?

, it's Chester!

Last Thursday night, Chester came to stay for the weekend cos his humans went on a vacation. He seemed lost initially but after a while, he was running around checking out the house. He soon got very comfortable and he made himself totally at home. Even on MY sofa.

Bro, do you know the sofa belongs to me?

I think Chester really likes Daddy cos he kept following him around, he didn't let him out of sight for a second. It seemed that he had totally forgotten about his humans. Bond was a bit worried that Chester was here to stay cos he was an attention seeker, which is Bond's job. Daddy even let Chester eat first during mealtimes. So Bond not only
had to wait for me, he now had to wait for Chester too!

This afternnoon we all went to Sentosa again with Kaylie's family. We had a lot of fun there. Can you imagine the 5 of us in the car? It was FUN!!!

It was my first time seeing Chester getting into the water on his own, with Daddy's coaching. Is it the power of Daddy? Hmmm...

Chester seemed to get the hang of it. Well done, Chester!

Paws off my girl, Chester!

Guess Kaylie still prefers the dark and macho ME!

It was too much fun, as usual! So much for now, I'm sleepy already. Yawn...

Monday, 23 April 2007

The Other Side Of Chestnut Ave

It has been a hair-raising weekend at Chestnut Avenue. On Saturday, my family, minus Daddy, went to Chestnut Ave with Kaylie's family. We were all ready for another fun trek through the forest, when i lost everybody! The slow pokes couldn't keep up with me, and by the time Uncle C caught up with me, i had already gone around the forest and back, all alone! Please read about my really exciting and amazing adventure on Jaffe's blog. Thanks for, ahem, finding me, Uncle C!! I promise to wait for everbody from now on, Aunty S! My MIL really tells a good story...

Wanting to practice her recall with me, so that she wouldn't get lost from me again, Mum and Dad decided to go to Chestnut Avenue again on Sunday. This time, we went to the other side, the dry side. There are many many paths for mountain bikers, and they were endless. Well, it seemed endless cos it was blazing hot, and the only liquid we came across was mud...

There were also some unidentified wild life that we didn't care to meet!

Thursday, 19 April 2007

We were attacked!

Our whole family went to Fort Canning Park this evening after dinner, it was Daddy's idea. He said that we had never been to town, and he wanted to take some "touristy" pictures of us. That's when everything went wrong. We were attacked by thousands and thousands of ants almost immediately after we took the stairs up to the peak of Fort Canning Hill!!

We, Bond and I, were whimpering and crying in pain as Daddy and Mummy were desperately trying to get those painful black ants off us. Bond was the worse casualty between us. He had many many ants on him, especially his tail. He was screaming so hard that it drew the attention of the staff at the Fort Canning Centre! Oh dear, Oh dear!

Daddy and Mummy decided it was best to come home to comb those ants out, ending our less than 20-minute walk. Our moaning really broke Mum and Dad's hearts and she nearly cried. Daddy was really distressed for us too, and he kept hugging us.

Daddy, we understand your good intentions. It's just bad luck that we crossed a path of the ants. We shall name Fort Canning Hill "The Ant Field" from now on. Whimper...

Friday, 13 April 2007

Our New Digital Camera (Part II)

More pictures before Daddy and Mummy leave for KL tomorrow.

This fence is mine from now on.

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Our New Digital Camera (Part I)

Daddy just bought a new DSLR today, it's a Nikon D40X. Cool!!! Daddy says he got it at a much lesser price, thanks to my sworn uncle Joseph. (Daddy's sworn brother = my sworn uncle, right?)

He was telling Mummy about the camera's specs; 10.2 megapiglet, 3 frame per sec, 2.5inch LCD monitor, with a 18-55mm lens, and blah blah blah... Mummy didn't seem to understand most of the things he said. She just nodded her head (& pretended to look interested). Guess the only one who is so excited is Daddy. And if Mummy can't really understand, you think i can catch the ball? Hmmm...

Of course we then headed for Bishan Park in the evening to test the camera, even though it was really muddy. For good pictures, rain or shine right?

Bond, i hereby confer you 'OC FOS'. Full Of Shit, that is.

There's Daddy's amatuerish shots for you. Anyway Daddy, for the effort and dedication, i think i'll give you a 4-5% pay increase with immediate effect. If you continue to do well, i'll increase it further at the end of the year. How about that for some motivation? Hehe..

More pictures coming up soon..

Saturday, 7 April 2007

Chestnut Ave trekking

Had a wonderful weekend again! Went to Tanjung Beach for a swim yesterday and this morning, we (together with Jaffe and Kaylie) headed to Chestnut Avenue for trekking! It's Daddy's first time there cos he didn't join us the last time we went for a DASH there. It's my third and i can't get enough of it!

Our starting point. Wonderful weather!

Excellent scenery!

All of us couldn't wait to plunge into the cool water.

Deeper into the woods. More water.

Swim, swim, swim...

My private swim with my love, Kaylie.

We move ahead while our humans take a breather.

Off again.

All of us tired after almost 2 hours of walking and running. Smart Jaffe enjoying the shade in the car boot.

We had so much fun, yet again. Our humans almost lost their way too. Exciting...! Hope our humans find more places like this for us to go to...

See some photos of us at Tanjung Beach at Jaffe's blog.

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

That Rascal's Corner

Many humans have been asking Dad why only i have a blog and Bond doesn't. Dad thinks that it will a duplication cos Bond's life evolves around ME. Since there was so much interest in that supposedly "cute", argh, rascal, Daddy thought that maybe we would just have something different for him instead of a new blog. He bought something to 'bribe' me with so that i wouldn't notice that some space has been allocated to Bond on MY blog.

Any idea what these things are? It's dried abalone!

Since the negotiation ended after i ate the extremely fragrant dried abalone, i had no choice but to agree to let Bond have a small corner in my blog.Guess everything comes with a price. I eat, I pay! Sigh...

Do you notice that?

Well, that's all the space i can give to him. So guys, go take a look at his Web Album if you're very very very free.

Sunday, 1 April 2007

5th Anniversary DASH

Went to the DASH yesterday with Jaffe's family at Seletar Air Base. It was the 5th Anniversary Run. Many many humans turned up with their many canines. It was the largest turnout since we joined them. We had lots of fun, despite the rain. Because we had to cross quite a few roads, Daddy leashed me most of the time, except in the forested area. So sad! Grrr...

Before the run

Off we go... Errr, my mummy was slow, but luckily she wasn't the last...

Last shot seconds before the rain.

Ahhh! So refreshing! Obviously a human thought so too.

Resting after the run. Definitely looking rather shagged eh...

Of cos the rascal was way tired. We ran approx. 7km, he must have done 10km by running to and from Mummy and Daddy along the way.

My sweet Kaylie. O, isn't she cute while sleeping?

To top off such an exciting event, my MIL brought the most lip-smacking lamb ribs for our dinner. I had 2 ribs, each the size of my whole leg. HEAVEN!!! How many more days to the next Anniversary Run? I can't wait!!!!