Thursday, 19 April 2007

We were attacked!

Our whole family went to Fort Canning Park this evening after dinner, it was Daddy's idea. He said that we had never been to town, and he wanted to take some "touristy" pictures of us. That's when everything went wrong. We were attacked by thousands and thousands of ants almost immediately after we took the stairs up to the peak of Fort Canning Hill!!

We, Bond and I, were whimpering and crying in pain as Daddy and Mummy were desperately trying to get those painful black ants off us. Bond was the worse casualty between us. He had many many ants on him, especially his tail. He was screaming so hard that it drew the attention of the staff at the Fort Canning Centre! Oh dear, Oh dear!

Daddy and Mummy decided it was best to come home to comb those ants out, ending our less than 20-minute walk. Our moaning really broke Mum and Dad's hearts and she nearly cried. Daddy was really distressed for us too, and he kept hugging us.

Daddy, we understand your good intentions. It's just bad luck that we crossed a path of the ants. We shall name Fort Canning Hill "The Ant Field" from now on. Whimper...

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Scruffy said...

Oh dear Jose. Hope Bond and you are feeling much better now.

The Mighty Scruff