Sunday, 22 July 2007

Super Watery Sunday

Bond and i had a Super Duper Sunday! Went to Bukit Brown cemetery this morning with Angel and his family. Unfortunately, Jaffe and Kaylie couldn't make it. I was disappointed... Anyway, thanks to the heavy downpour last night, the watering holes were filled nicely.

Angel couldn't wait to plunge into the water. I couldn't wait for him to come up so i could do my usual 'alpha male' growl at him.

The GR swim team.

Poor Mummy's leg had a little meeting with the ground. Bond and Angel were too excited at seeing each other and Bond started chasing Angel. Angel didn't see Mummy and ran into her while she was walking. Mummy was just embarrassed that she fell in front of Angel's family. Very uncool, she says.

This is called "Green Grass Ointment". It is Daddy's trusted remedy for all cuts. It also makes the person scream. Daddy isn't usually so caring, but he took great joy and TLC in applying it for Mummy. To ensure that the ointment really worked, Daddy held onto Mommy's leg rather tightly so that she couldn't "escape" while the treatment was in progress. I wondered what the high-pitched sounds coming from Mommy were just now.

It was unbelieveable, but Daddy brought us to Sentosa, two hours later. How awesome is that!?!?!? Many of Daddy's friends were there but there were only 4 canines. It was good! Plenty of attention was lavished on me, the cutest and most KL one!

Water again!!!

Bond found a frisbee at the beach. It took precedence over his usual "Loopies" for a while, until it sank into the water all of a sudden!

Chester was afraid of the water, so i decided to be his chaperone to make sure he got to shore safely.

That was really tiring for me. Finally found a mat to relax on and take forty winks.

Monday, 16 July 2007

Romantic Surprise

Mummy came back today with her eyes glistening with puppy love. To our surprise, it was for Daddy! Because guess what! Our spontaneous Daddy sent her a bunch of her favourite flowers to her school, and it was presented to her by her principal, much to her embarrassment!

Mummy's colleagues said that she had a glow on her face the whole day, but Mummy swears that it's because of the new moisturizer that she's using. Anyway, the lilies smelled so heavenly that Mummy kept sniffing and sniffing them, so now she has the sniffles herself! Good Job, Daddy!!

Sunday, 15 July 2007

A boring Sunday... NOT...

My Daddy's a very spontaneous person. This morning he was nursing a hangover from too much drinking last night, the next moment he just stood up and said "Lets go to the beach today!" And we 'chop choped' and prepared everything in 2 minutes and left for my favorite Tanjung Beach at Sentosa. I'm not complaining here. Heehee...

There was quite a crowd at the beach today, canines and erm... bikini babes

Me leading Bond to the islet across the "channel"

Prey spotted. Getting ready.

The chase begins...

Bond, the clown.

That's Bond trying to rip his toy apart. He was a bit cranky today.

Me in my usual 'lifeguard' pose. My motto, "Protect life, not property."

What a wonderful Sunday! Daddy, please remember to go out next Saturday night and drink a lot again... Nguk Nguk Nguk...

Thursday, 12 July 2007

To The Park... Finally

Daddy had been very very busy for the past week. He worked so hard and he was too tired to bring us out. Luckily there was Mummy. Whew! Daddy, there will always be tomorrow, we don't need you to bring back extra $moola$. Family is more important than work, right?

Well, finally he came back early today and we all headed for the Bishan Dog Run! And, guess what? The run was closed cos they had just sprayed our enclosure with some chemicals. Of all days! Argh! Well, not wanting to disappoint us, Daddy let us off leash at the field beside the run, which was just as fun.

Woohoo!!! That's me going at full throttle, which must be around 30 miles per hour, i think.

That's silly Bond with his frisbee. Never leave home without it.

Taking a breather in the wet wet grass.

After running and rolling here and there and everywhere in the very wet brown patches in the field, Daddy said we were too filthy for the car. So we crossed over to another side and into the canal.

Water again!

Guess what Bond's doing? Daddy initially thought he was fishing cos he kept putting his mouth into the water. He was actually trying to pick up an empty can which was stuck at the bottom. Crazy boy...

We hated to leave but Daddy said it was getting dark and we could come back anytime. Hmmm.. wonder what he meant by 'anytime'? En route back to the car, I think i heard Kaylie barking in the far distance, or is it just me hearing sounds from missing her? Hmmm...

Sunday, 8 July 2007

The Shit Sisters' Run

Went to Springleaf Avenue again yesterday afternoon to lay the trail for the Shit Sisters' Run (Leadershit and Chicken Shit). The whole laying of the trail took us more than 2 1/2 hours and it was completely different from the one we recced last week. Boy, that was hard work man! Bond and i were completely tired out after the set up. We just sat back and relaxed when everybody else started their run around 5 pm. Only Aunty C went for the run again with them. She is definitely On On!

Sorry, but no picture cos my official photographer, Daddy, wasn't there during the laying. He did come to bring us home later though. It was so tiring that we knocked out after our bath and dinner.

Monday, 2 July 2007

3 Recce photos

Few photos for the exciting recce yesterday, courtesy of Uncle J.

Water! Woohoo!!! I got so excited that i jumped in immediately. And errr.... i couldn't get up later and had to be saved. Rather embarassing.

Bond straining his muscle to get up the steep incline too.

Bashing thru the dark forest.

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Hash Site Recce

Phew! Just came back from site recce for the next Dog Hash (7th July 06) with my family at Springleaf Avenue. We were together with Baby and Chinky, and their humans. Not forgetting Uncle B too. Boy, it was tiring but fun fun fun!

We started the recce at around 3 plus and the whole thing lasted slightly more than 2 hours. Uncle F and Uncle B could have gone on forever, but we were tired after literally cutting through the woods and swim, swim, swimming in the water. Oh, this is also the first time Baby jumped into the water on her own! No photos taken cos Daddy left the camera in the car, too bad.

For now, i just wanna take my well deserved rest after my bath. See you... snore.... Zzzz...