Thursday, 12 July 2007

To The Park... Finally

Daddy had been very very busy for the past week. He worked so hard and he was too tired to bring us out. Luckily there was Mummy. Whew! Daddy, there will always be tomorrow, we don't need you to bring back extra $moola$. Family is more important than work, right?

Well, finally he came back early today and we all headed for the Bishan Dog Run! And, guess what? The run was closed cos they had just sprayed our enclosure with some chemicals. Of all days! Argh! Well, not wanting to disappoint us, Daddy let us off leash at the field beside the run, which was just as fun.

Woohoo!!! That's me going at full throttle, which must be around 30 miles per hour, i think.

That's silly Bond with his frisbee. Never leave home without it.

Taking a breather in the wet wet grass.

After running and rolling here and there and everywhere in the very wet brown patches in the field, Daddy said we were too filthy for the car. So we crossed over to another side and into the canal.

Water again!

Guess what Bond's doing? Daddy initially thought he was fishing cos he kept putting his mouth into the water. He was actually trying to pick up an empty can which was stuck at the bottom. Crazy boy...

We hated to leave but Daddy said it was getting dark and we could come back anytime. Hmmm.. wonder what he meant by 'anytime'? En route back to the car, I think i heard Kaylie barking in the far distance, or is it just me hearing sounds from missing her? Hmmm...


jaffeboy said...

Oh Jose, I was there @ about 7.15pm but there was no sign of you!!! I miss you alot. Do come play with me soon!!!

Kaylie Kaylie

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

So Bond is an environmentalist?

Bussie Kissies

chester.hi-flyer said...

looks like u guys had fun and that's a very very nice picture of the sunset!!


Lorenza said...

Not always but when your dad has time he takes you to great places to have fun!
I wish I had that here to run and play around!
Bond is very fun!
Enjoy it!
Have a nice day