Monday, 29 January 2007

My Workstation

Finally, Mummy brought us to Bishan Park earlier this evening. Finally got to breathe some fresh air. Man, i had really missed the outside world!

After serving my 'sentence' for the past few days, i almost went nuts! All i could do during the confinement was surf the net and sleep, surf, sleep, surf, sleep...

This is where i spent most of my time for the past few days. I know it looks a bit untidy but i guess we terriers are never so particular about such minor things. Wait wait wait, those two packs of cigarettes don't belong to me okay... I don't smoke at all. And don't think that glass is filled with just Coke, it's with bourbon man. The alcohol fumes almost made me ball over. Choke!! Ack!! All these belong to Daddy. Daddy, maybe it's time to quit all your unhealthy habits. I would rather you spend the money on our treats. Do consider my suggestion; it's a win-win situation for you and me.

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

I'm Grounded!

Just received an email from Daddy; he sounded really upset. He couldn't bring himself to speak to me...

"Dear Son,

I heard what you did at the dog run today. Seriously, I'm very pissed. I heard about you taking a chunk off Bear Bear's tongue and snapping at Joey's human, just because of a ball. I'm totally warning you that this type of behaviour is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

I'm ok with you being dominant and marking your territory, but you have crossed the line from being just alpha to being a GANGSTER!!! As such, I will be administering the following punishment upon you for the next 3 days:

1) No treats for you; deer tendon, beef jerky, etc... NOTHING!!!
2) No dogrun, no walks, not even for 5 minutes
3) No sniff of the sofa or cushion, and last but not least
4) No sayanging from Mummy!

Your status as "MaMa's boy" will be revoked for this period of time. Don't think of gazing pitifully at Mummy. She has been warned against falling for your deceiving "charming" tactics, especially in my absence.

I hope that you understand that much as we love you, discipline must always be observed at all times.


OMG, this is really bad..... Daddy, I am, I am, I am absolutely repentent. I really am...!

Sunday, 21 January 2007

Bond's new shoes

Went to 'U Petgamart' at Pasir Ris yesterday with my family. We took a dip in the pool there, but i think it's kinda small; 5m by 2m, max. I still prefer longkangs and the sea.

Anyway, we went there cos Daddy wanted to get some doggie shoes for Bond as he always hurts his paws, especially the hind ones.


So we find out that Bond's a size 6 :) They look rather smart actually...

Bond in his new shoes

And this afternoon, Daddy thought that we should test the durability of the shoes. Mummy predicted that we would come home without one, at least... So off we go to Bukit Brown Cemetery!

The state of Bond's shoes after one cemetery walk

Well, surprise surprise! All 4 came home with us!! However... totally torn, "soul-less" and filthy. I wonder if the brand is B.A.T.A. ( Buy And Throw Away) Looks like Daddy's gotta get better shoes for him, if it's possible to find some that Bond will not destroy. Metal ones?!?!?

Saturday, 20 January 2007

Hindu man in the house

Bond and I got a shock yesterday when we saw a man in a traditional Hindu punjabi suit walking in the house. Bond kept barking and barking at him, only to discover that the man was actually Daddy! He was going to attend his Annual Dinner & Dance and they were required to turn up in a traditional Asian costume. OMG, he really looks hilarious in that outfit. Oh man!!
Daddy, next time give us some advance warning okay? I might just land my powerful jaws on you. You know i don't play play with strangers in the house!

Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Training or not???

Daddy is thinking of enrolling Bond for the SKC Agility Course. He thinks that Bond needs an extra outlet for his undying energy. I pawsonally don't think it's necessary, cos i know the 6 weeks of training will take away MY outing, e.g. swimming and cemetery walks. And worse, i just have to sit there quietly and watch that rascal having fun with Daddy. This is just not right. Grrr....

I used to attend training classes before Bond came into our family. Back then, i had to squeeze into my blue doggie carrier and be placed on Daddy's miserable small motorbike. At times, it could be rather warm and uncomfortable. Well, I did enjoy the training cos i got a treat everytime i responded to Daddy's command. It was peanuts for me.

My graduation for the Good Canine Citizen (GCC) Course

Me with my Pre-novice course trainer, Mr Loh.

Mr Loh always used me for demonstrations cos i was totally more reponsive than the other canines. Unfortunately, and to Daddy's great disappointment, I flunked the test. Sigh... The testers were too strict. In fact, only 1 or 2 passed. Daddy, however, is considering to send me for more training after Bond's turn. Great, more treats for me then!

Friday, 12 January 2007

Latest issue of "clubpets"

Daddy bought a copy of clubpets magazine yesterday and guess what... We Cairn Terriers are finally featured. Some of the things mentioned are quite true to my character while some are not. I pawsonally don't think all the recommendations made are good.

Seriously, I agree with the following:

  1. Fearless and hardy (need i explain more?)

  2. Alert and rough-and-ready appearance (meaning?.. Handsome lah!)

  3. Tends to bark excessively and is destructive without attention and proper guidance (Okay Daddy, now you know it's your fault when i destroyed that sofa and bark at passersby)

  4. A bath A MONTH is more than enough

  5. Needs lots of outings.

  6. Has a tendency to gain weight. (Aunty S, it's not my fault here, it's hereiditery.)

  7. Enjoys playing with children. ( Of cos i love children! They are my toys which make noise and run, of course i find it fun to growl and pounce on them!)

But i totally disagree with one particular point:

  1. It's advisable to be sparing on treats (That's total nonsense! I'm sure Jaffe, Kaylie and Bear will agree with me with all paws)

Don't believe everything you read, the facts are not always right, especially if the author probably does not own an irresistable Cairn Terrier like ME!!!

Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Limping Bond Bond

Went to the vet with Bond this evening. Daddy suspected he might have broken his toes cos he had been limping for the past 3 days.

The vet concluded that it's just a case of a sprained toe. Bond was given one week "MC" and was advised not to go for long walks. And the cost of the whole consultation... about 3 kg of deer tendon!

Okay Daddy, let me clarify certain things here. That 3 kg of deer tendon is not under my account hor... And it's Bond who's on MC, not me hor... I will still need my daily dose of deer tendon and walks. Please remember that, or i'll tell Mummy what you told Bond about that young and pretty vet, ok?

P.S. I guess Bond was probably not woofing "On On!" last Saturday at the DASH. He was definitely crying "Ouch Ouch!"


Saturday, 6 January 2007

The Dog Hash aka DASH

Went to Bukit Brown Cemetery this sunny Saturday afternoon together with Uncle B and Aunty C. Uncle TK and Bear were there too. This is our second DASH. The humans had fun, we canines had even more fun, everyone had a BASH!

Gathering for the DASH.

Off we go!

I, being the Alpha One, had to be at the head of the pack, of course. I was ahead most of the time with the FRBs (Front Running Bastards in HASH terms). Man, they sure needed a leader like me. The last time i was behind only because i was on leash. Not anymore! Daddy was chasing me all the way. Don't worry Daddy, i know this place well, remember? Mummy was nowhere to be seen...

How could i miss the opportunity to plunge into the water? I've been in this longkang many times, but not in this part of the wilderness.

Bond is such a show-off. He kept barking "On On" and "On On" and "On On"... all the way. Char Si Nang! SUMO Bond; Shut Up and Move On.

Hmmm... how do they expect Daddy and Mummy to get thru this tunnel? Poor them!

After an hour and a half of running here and there and everywhere, we finally reached the finishing point. I was among the first few, as expected.

Being Virgins (First timers), Uncle TK, Uncle B and Aunty C were invited into the "Circle". They had to give a self-intro and later bottoms up from a doggie bowl.

Casualties of a clumsy oaf. Alright alright, poor Bond Bond!

Friday, 5 January 2007

It's finally here!

It's been a LONG LONG LONG time! My "Fan Club" stuff that Mummy had ordered online in mid-Nov is finally here. Daddy is kinda pissed off that it took so long (Daddy suspected that it was delivered by foot, not shipped as claimed!).

But of course, they look nice.

Com'on, everyone has always known that I'm...

They HAD to get something for Bond...

Sticker for MY car! Daddy and Mummy got that car because they needed it to bring me out, so logically woofing, it's MY car.

Look Bond! Only one item for you. This means Daddy and Mummy still love me more than you. Haha... I'm Mama's Boy oh... I'm the Special One oh...

Tuesday, 2 January 2007

New Year, Great Beginning!

Welcome 2007!

We went to Tanjong Beach with Uncle C, Aunty S, Jaffe and Kaylie yesterday. It was a New Year's Celebration with friends from the Dog Forum Singapore (DFS). Met so many friends there; Uncle R with his 4 GRs, Aunty R, her family and Angel (my long lost friend whom I swear, behaves exactly like Bond), Uncle HL, the site administrator of DFS, and many many many more.

I love the sun, sea and the sand.

Don't i remind you of something...?
A beaver perhaps?

And this is unmistakably...

I love swimming. I swam to that lone island, which is probably like 5km away, to and fro twice man...! Daddy could only manage this feat once, sigh... Time to exercise, Daddy! How in the world do you expect to pass your IPPT this year eh?

Hey Brother, you wanna give me a ride on your back?
If not, SIAM!!!

Rascal! I won't lose to you. 'pant pant pant...'

No winner for that last round. "Ahem". Back on shore with Kaylie. She was waiting to give me a victory kiss. You see, new year, new "gf" too!