Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Training or not???

Daddy is thinking of enrolling Bond for the SKC Agility Course. He thinks that Bond needs an extra outlet for his undying energy. I pawsonally don't think it's necessary, cos i know the 6 weeks of training will take away MY outing, e.g. swimming and cemetery walks. And worse, i just have to sit there quietly and watch that rascal having fun with Daddy. This is just not right. Grrr....

I used to attend training classes before Bond came into our family. Back then, i had to squeeze into my blue doggie carrier and be placed on Daddy's miserable small motorbike. At times, it could be rather warm and uncomfortable. Well, I did enjoy the training cos i got a treat everytime i responded to Daddy's command. It was peanuts for me.

My graduation for the Good Canine Citizen (GCC) Course

Me with my Pre-novice course trainer, Mr Loh.

Mr Loh always used me for demonstrations cos i was totally more reponsive than the other canines. Unfortunately, and to Daddy's great disappointment, I flunked the test. Sigh... The testers were too strict. In fact, only 1 or 2 passed. Daddy, however, is considering to send me for more training after Bond's turn. Great, more treats for me then!


fee said...

you rode on motor bike! cool! cool!


Justin said...

you are a nice doggy. hey, where is Mr Loh looking?? LOL!!

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