Wednesday, 24 January 2007

I'm Grounded!

Just received an email from Daddy; he sounded really upset. He couldn't bring himself to speak to me...

"Dear Son,

I heard what you did at the dog run today. Seriously, I'm very pissed. I heard about you taking a chunk off Bear Bear's tongue and snapping at Joey's human, just because of a ball. I'm totally warning you that this type of behaviour is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

I'm ok with you being dominant and marking your territory, but you have crossed the line from being just alpha to being a GANGSTER!!! As such, I will be administering the following punishment upon you for the next 3 days:

1) No treats for you; deer tendon, beef jerky, etc... NOTHING!!!
2) No dogrun, no walks, not even for 5 minutes
3) No sniff of the sofa or cushion, and last but not least
4) No sayanging from Mummy!

Your status as "MaMa's boy" will be revoked for this period of time. Don't think of gazing pitifully at Mummy. She has been warned against falling for your deceiving "charming" tactics, especially in my absence.

I hope that you understand that much as we love you, discipline must always be observed at all times.


OMG, this is really bad..... Daddy, I am, I am, I am absolutely repentent. I really am...!


Boo Boo said...

Hi Jose !!!

Wow !!! What you did to Bear Bear and Joey's human is so so so so ... errrr. ... i shall not say ...

The important thing is will you do the same TO ME ??? 0_0

btw, I also have a brother, also a GR, named Bond!! Wait, I ask him to come talk to you

Bond said...

Hi Jose,

Yawn .... my brother woke me up to talk to someone special !!!

So, I heard you have a brother named BOND !! HEY ! Is your brother ME? I am also a golden retriever named BOND !! :)

No wonder there was once when Gal Gal's friend told her that she say a GR named Bond in Bishan Park and they thought it was me !!! So it was your brother !!

Luna said...

Hey Jose!! Poor boy..
you must be having a big macho boy hiding inside your small petite body :)

José Tan said...

Yup Yup Bond, i wonder who will respond to the name 'Bond' when both of you are at the park? Keke...Quite easy to identify him at the run though, just look for one who is nearest to the drinking bowl.