Friday, 28 September 2007

Baileys' Barkday Pawty

My whole family went to Pawtobello Cafe this evening for the celebration of Baileys' 2nd Barkday. (Remember the toy and treats in my last post? Well, some were for Baileys and were carefully wrapped up by Mum.)

Happy Barkday Baileys!

Many of my friends from the dog run were there too with their hoomans. There were Ginger, Angel, Herbie, Bear Bear, Scuba and many many more. There were more GRs than any other canines and you can imagine the scene there. Mummy was particularly proud of us for good behaviour. We sat her feet quietly most of the night. Actually, we were waiting patiently for the food to be served, but Mum doesn't need to know that...

Yummilious healthy brown riceball with potato chowder

Smackalicious muttloaf

Gulp gulp!!!

The food was gone almost immdiately the moment the bowls were placed in front of us. I don't usually eat that fast, but with so many pairs of hungry canine eyes around us, it was the only way to go! Oh, and we were given individualised goodie bags too before we left. Cool pawty!

Sunday, 23 September 2007

It Works!

Due to my constant reminders about going out more since my last post, we went to Bukit Brown cemetery and subsequently Petgamart today!! Yay!! Seems like grumbling works. Hee hee...

Excellent targets for chasing and growling

As usual, we had hell lot of fun, terrorising many small canines (small kids too) at the pool. And Bond was in his usual 'ball crazy' mood, jumping in and out, in and out, in and out... of the water and shaking himself vigorously in front of other hoomans.

My new ball

Mum bought me a new ball to play with. I really liked it and was happily chasing it until i heard her and Dad laughing at me for slipping while chasing the ball. It was really not a very graceful slip and it was so embarrassing! Before we left the pool, we realised that Pumpkin IV had been 'ball-napped'. It was nowhere to be found. Anyway, i don't think Bond will be too sad over it. Why???

Are they all for me? Okay okay, Pumpkin V is for Bond.

Cos Mum went into the shop there and came out with all this stuff. So many things, i wondered if it's for my barkday which is just around the corner. And Mum is keeping mum about it. Grrr... Overall, it was a wonderful day except one incident about rude cashiers at the mart which left Mum fuming but she's not talking about it. Let bygones be bygones, i woof...

Friday, 21 September 2007

Dad's new hobby

Lazing around, with no fur......

Life has been moving rather slow lately, no exciting adventures except for my daily walks and Bishan Dogrun and meeting up with some friends. Feel so naked walking around without my fur. Oh, i miss my fur. Sigh...

Anyway, Dad has been very lazy to update my blog (the longest break so far). He's been busy playing with this tiny ball called golf. He bought a putting mat too. Silly game, pushing the tiny ball into the hole with a stick. I tried to snatch the ball away from him, but he soon caught on. Bond was amused initially but not for long. I guess Dad won't be at it for too long too. His hobbies don't
usually last.


Friday, 7 September 2007

Bad Hair Day


Daddy brought me to the groomer yesterday, Damn... Doesn't he know that i don't like to have my gorgeous and nicely shaggy fur cut? He has been looking for a good groomer ever since my favourite one left to work far away from our house. So he just rang one up nearby to try. TRY! For Me? To TRY??? That's insane to even think about it. Anyway, did i have a choice?!?

No photography please... at least for the next 2 weeks

The worst was yet to come. After more than 2 hours of hell, i went back home hoping to get some TLC from Mummy. And guess what the first thing she said was? She exclaimed,"OMG, Jose looks like a rat!" That's so humiliating! She's really upset and plus the cut has made me look fatter than before. And you can imagine how i felt about it. Hmph! Sob! I'm not woofing to her anymore. Unless she gives me tummy rubs for the next 3 days. Which might or might not make me feel better...

Oh ya, she even realised that "it's time to diet, Jose". That really doesn't sound good at all. The only consolation is that i now feel cooler. Sigh...

Please Dad, i'm really not in the mood to pose. It's a sad sad ugly day....