Sunday, 23 September 2007

It Works!

Due to my constant reminders about going out more since my last post, we went to Bukit Brown cemetery and subsequently Petgamart today!! Yay!! Seems like grumbling works. Hee hee...

Excellent targets for chasing and growling

As usual, we had hell lot of fun, terrorising many small canines (small kids too) at the pool. And Bond was in his usual 'ball crazy' mood, jumping in and out, in and out, in and out... of the water and shaking himself vigorously in front of other hoomans.

My new ball

Mum bought me a new ball to play with. I really liked it and was happily chasing it until i heard her and Dad laughing at me for slipping while chasing the ball. It was really not a very graceful slip and it was so embarrassing! Before we left the pool, we realised that Pumpkin IV had been 'ball-napped'. It was nowhere to be found. Anyway, i don't think Bond will be too sad over it. Why???

Are they all for me? Okay okay, Pumpkin V is for Bond.

Cos Mum went into the shop there and came out with all this stuff. So many things, i wondered if it's for my barkday which is just around the corner. And Mum is keeping mum about it. Grrr... Overall, it was a wonderful day except one incident about rude cashiers at the mart which left Mum fuming but she's not talking about it. Let bygones be bygones, i woof...


Lorenza said...

Hi, Jose.
Glad the grumbling worked! Sure you had lots of fun there! I like your ball, looks fun to play with!
Your mom got lots of things for you two! Is she going to keep them away until your birthday?? I hope not!
So sorry about her incident with the cashier! Give her lots of kisses and hugs from us, ok?
Have a good night

Pacco de Mongrel said...

so many new balls for u....

which one will d 1st to be destroy?

Scruffy said...

Hi Jose

Glad your grumbling worked. I'm going to try it myself too. BTW I have to agree with you - your hair is rather short. It'll grow. Cheer up!

The Mighty Scruff

Ume said...

quite a loot your Mum had gotten for u.
oh! your barkday is coming? bet your Mom is planning a big celebration for u!

ilovepearly said...

so many new toys... your a happy one!