Friday, 21 September 2007

Dad's new hobby

Lazing around, with no fur......

Life has been moving rather slow lately, no exciting adventures except for my daily walks and Bishan Dogrun and meeting up with some friends. Feel so naked walking around without my fur. Oh, i miss my fur. Sigh...

Anyway, Dad has been very lazy to update my blog (the longest break so far). He's been busy playing with this tiny ball called golf. He bought a putting mat too. Silly game, pushing the tiny ball into the hole with a stick. I tried to snatch the ball away from him, but he soon caught on. Bond was amused initially but not for long. I guess Dad won't be at it for too long too. His hobbies don't
usually last.



Lorenza said...

Hi, Jose
My mom loves golf, but she is sooo bad playing it. Now she just watches it on tv! I hope your dad is better than my mom!
Glad you have your walkies and your excercise!
Have a nice weekend

jaffeboy said...

Ya Jose, when R U coming to dog run again???

MaMa's so sad U didn't go to him when she called for you the last time.