Monday, 31 December 2007


Bond and i would like to wish all our friends...


May we get more HUGS, WALKS & TREATS in 2008!! Woof Woof Woooof...!!!!

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Going away... Again

It's been a long long long time since i last posted. And it has been a rainy rainy rainy three weeks. Bond and i have been bored to tears. We haven't seen any of our friends at all, cos it has been too wet for anyone to go out. We were supposed to go swimming at Tanjung Beach yesterday, but it was cancelled as Daddy is down with stomach flu. Boo hoo hoo...

Anyway, Daddy is flying off to Krabi, Thailand later this evening. This time he's going alone cos everybody is busy with their own thing. Even mum is not going. He thinks it's gonna be fun as he prepared his photography equipment and he can't wait to click click click away.
I think he's going to miss us all.

Bon voyage Dad!

Good memories of Auntie S cuddling up to me at the beach...
3 long weeks ago...

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

He's back!

Daddy's back finally, after being almost a week in Hong Kong. Guess he must have enjoyed himself very much. He bought a lot of treats for Bond and i, as promised. But surprisingly, he only got himself 4 T-shirts, what a miser! He was busy for the past few days processing his photographs taken, and mind you, it's more than 700 of them. Geez, he sure was trigger-happy! Technology (the SD Card, dunno what that is) these days sure can make hoomans crazy...

Oh, and he also got something for MY car.

It's a sticker for the windscreen. "Bad dog in car". Hmmm... i think that's a for warning other road users of Bond, it can't be of me. Must be that. Hehe... Bond Bond bad dog! Bond Bond bad dog!

Friday, 16 November 2007

Going Away!

No no no, it's not me. It's my Daddy. He has been so busy preparing for his trip to Hong Kong this weekend that he's had no time to
update my blog. Life's been the same -o same-o routine for Bond and me, visiting the park and walkies every night around the neighbourhood. Nothing significant happening. Yawn...!

Being a good boy, i had to help Dad for his trip.He can be quite forgetful at times.

Hey Dad, maybe I can hide in the luggage and you can bring me to Hong Kong. Good idea?

After much thought and a lot of packing and re-packing, Dad managed to keep the bag half empty. And you know why? Cos there is a Pets Megamart in Hong Kong, and he is going to buy lots and lots of toys and treats for us, to make up for going away!! Right Dad?!?! Baileys' hooman says it is cheaper to get treats from Hong Kong, especially greenies which may be half the price. Guess we gonna miss him (or is it the anticipation of the treats?). Come back soon Dad!

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Bond's Barkweek

What a week it has been! Not as colourful as my barkweek, if i do woof so myself, but still lots of fun. It started with a visit to the park. It was very warm that day so we didn't really run around much.

pant, pant, pant

So, to keep cool, we went to Sentosa again the next day. It was rather quiet that day but we had fun swimming to and from the islet.

And guess what Bond did???

Yo, that's too small for our dinner. Please get a bigger one next time!

As we swam from the islet towards the mainland, he spotted a fish and happily brought it back to Daddy, much to everyone's amusement. Hello Bond, you are not a fisherdog ok?

The week ended with a visit to great grandpa's place. Bond was showered with lots of attention from Lena and her friends.

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Bond Bond's Barkday

As promised for Bond's Barkday, i'm giving him this rare opportunity to use MY blog. Ok, here you go Bond!

Just-woke-up face! Give a smile boy!

Bond: Thanks kor kor! Play, Play, Play anyone??? Where's my ball??!!

Sigh... as i woofed, only one thing on his mind.... Can't wait for the treats and adventures to come. Yeah!

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Young Bond

It will be Bond's Barkday next Saturday, cool! More treats and outings for me too. Anyway, Dad was going through some old photos of us and i think it's quite timely that i put some photos of that rascal on my blog (in exchange for more treats). Here they are...

Bond on the way home for the 1st time

When he was only 9 weeks old.

When it was still very easy for me to bully him...

5 months

Still a baby at 1 year...

I must woof that he was pretty handsome as a puppy. Now that he's bigger than me in size, it's got a bit more difficult to bully him. He will be 2 years old next week, but Daddy suspects that he will never grow up, at least in the brain department.

Monday, 8 October 2007

Summary of B-Week

Daddy and Mummy made good on their promise! I had a pAwsome Barkday week! Check it out...

Day 1

Skipped Bukit Brown cemetery and went for a short off leash run at Lower Seletar Close instead where there was supposed to be less traffic. Then again, a truck had to apply the emergency brakes to avoid me, cos... he was going too fast (plus i sort of blended into the background). Reckless driver, hmph...

Day 2

Met up with Baileys and some other friends at Bishan Dog Run. We spent 2 whole hours there.

Day 3

Taking a breather at our void deck after a long long walk, waiting for Daddy to come home.

Day 4

Went to BDR again, but Mum forgot to bring the camera along. Dad's basically the photographer of the family.

Day 5

We prepped for the Dash. Mum brought us running, pant pant... Very sad to hear that one of our canine friends had just passed away. We'll miss you Herbie...

Day 6

Our monthly DASH at Seletar Air Base. My second time there but a totally different route. There was lots of cooling water in the drains. But, er, once i got in i couldn't jump back up. They were way too steep man! It's amazing how i kept being the only canine left there. How did the others get out?!?! Mum developed some biceps and triceps having to lift me out at least 5 times! (Blessing in disguise for Mum, hee hee!) I panted rather loudly again and got Uncle B, who was helping Mum take care of me, into the 'punishment' circle. Oops!

Day 7

Went out again, to Grandma's house. We were still in our On On mode and pulled Mum all the way there. And last day of my BarkWeek. Time really flies.

I had an excellent week. If only it was so happening all the time. My unfit hoomans were rather pooped today. Geez! Anyway, Bond's Barkday is coming soon.Let's hope he gets the same treatment too, cos what he gets, i'll get too. Yay yay yay...!

Monday, 1 October 2007

It's MY BarkDay!

Today is the 1st of Oct, it's Children's Day here in Singapore. But most Important Important Importantly, it's my Barkday! I'm 3 already. Which means every kid in Singapore celebrates my BarkDay too, right? Daddy says they are not going to just celebrate my Barkday today, but a whole BarkWeek from today! Cool! He promised to treat me like a Prince (he says he is still after all the King, hmph!) for this whole week, no 'helicopter' (holding me by the scruff of the neck) treatment and no yelling at me if possible.

For a start, Mum bought me some cheese muffins and a piece of small cake, just enough for me. Sorry Bond, you've got to wait till your Barkweek on the 27th of this month. And please don't drool on my cake. It's MINE!

Wondering what plans they have in store for me... Hmmm... Off leash running and hiking the whole week? Yeah Yeah! Anyway, Mum says i can have one barkday wish. Let me think.... more daily treats? Walkies 3 times a day? Allow me offleash to chase the cat? Never 'helicopter' me again? Hmmm.. too many wishes. I've got it! I wish that all my wishes will come true. Haha... that should cover all bases. Heehee...

Can i have MY cake now Pleaaassseee?

Friday, 28 September 2007

Baileys' Barkday Pawty

My whole family went to Pawtobello Cafe this evening for the celebration of Baileys' 2nd Barkday. (Remember the toy and treats in my last post? Well, some were for Baileys and were carefully wrapped up by Mum.)

Happy Barkday Baileys!

Many of my friends from the dog run were there too with their hoomans. There were Ginger, Angel, Herbie, Bear Bear, Scuba and many many more. There were more GRs than any other canines and you can imagine the scene there. Mummy was particularly proud of us for good behaviour. We sat her feet quietly most of the night. Actually, we were waiting patiently for the food to be served, but Mum doesn't need to know that...

Yummilious healthy brown riceball with potato chowder

Smackalicious muttloaf

Gulp gulp!!!

The food was gone almost immdiately the moment the bowls were placed in front of us. I don't usually eat that fast, but with so many pairs of hungry canine eyes around us, it was the only way to go! Oh, and we were given individualised goodie bags too before we left. Cool pawty!

Sunday, 23 September 2007

It Works!

Due to my constant reminders about going out more since my last post, we went to Bukit Brown cemetery and subsequently Petgamart today!! Yay!! Seems like grumbling works. Hee hee...

Excellent targets for chasing and growling

As usual, we had hell lot of fun, terrorising many small canines (small kids too) at the pool. And Bond was in his usual 'ball crazy' mood, jumping in and out, in and out, in and out... of the water and shaking himself vigorously in front of other hoomans.

My new ball

Mum bought me a new ball to play with. I really liked it and was happily chasing it until i heard her and Dad laughing at me for slipping while chasing the ball. It was really not a very graceful slip and it was so embarrassing! Before we left the pool, we realised that Pumpkin IV had been 'ball-napped'. It was nowhere to be found. Anyway, i don't think Bond will be too sad over it. Why???

Are they all for me? Okay okay, Pumpkin V is for Bond.

Cos Mum went into the shop there and came out with all this stuff. So many things, i wondered if it's for my barkday which is just around the corner. And Mum is keeping mum about it. Grrr... Overall, it was a wonderful day except one incident about rude cashiers at the mart which left Mum fuming but she's not talking about it. Let bygones be bygones, i woof...

Friday, 21 September 2007

Dad's new hobby

Lazing around, with no fur......

Life has been moving rather slow lately, no exciting adventures except for my daily walks and Bishan Dogrun and meeting up with some friends. Feel so naked walking around without my fur. Oh, i miss my fur. Sigh...

Anyway, Dad has been very lazy to update my blog (the longest break so far). He's been busy playing with this tiny ball called golf. He bought a putting mat too. Silly game, pushing the tiny ball into the hole with a stick. I tried to snatch the ball away from him, but he soon caught on. Bond was amused initially but not for long. I guess Dad won't be at it for too long too. His hobbies don't
usually last.


Friday, 7 September 2007

Bad Hair Day


Daddy brought me to the groomer yesterday, Damn... Doesn't he know that i don't like to have my gorgeous and nicely shaggy fur cut? He has been looking for a good groomer ever since my favourite one left to work far away from our house. So he just rang one up nearby to try. TRY! For Me? To TRY??? That's insane to even think about it. Anyway, did i have a choice?!?

No photography please... at least for the next 2 weeks

The worst was yet to come. After more than 2 hours of hell, i went back home hoping to get some TLC from Mummy. And guess what the first thing she said was? She exclaimed,"OMG, Jose looks like a rat!" That's so humiliating! She's really upset and plus the cut has made me look fatter than before. And you can imagine how i felt about it. Hmph! Sob! I'm not woofing to her anymore. Unless she gives me tummy rubs for the next 3 days. Which might or might not make me feel better...

Oh ya, she even realised that "it's time to diet, Jose". That really doesn't sound good at all. The only consolation is that i now feel cooler. Sigh...

Please Dad, i'm really not in the mood to pose. It's a sad sad ugly day....

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

The Bookworm

This is the result of an ongoing investigation in the house. It was the 3rd time already that books had been torn apart every time our hoomans were out, but there has been no evidence of who the culprit is so far. Bond and I just look at them so innocently when they discover the mess, and they just cannot confirm who the guilty one is. Or could it be some worm eating up the books?!?

But not this time...

Who's the culprit??? Woof you it's him, but you guys just didn't believe me.

Hmmm... silly boy walks happily to Mum as she steps into the house, with shreds of paper in his mouth. Good grief young boy, how much more blatant do you wanna be??! Bond is found guilty under Section 129(a) of Canine Penal Code for Mischief. He will be dealt with very serverely, with a fine of 5 deer tendons and 5 mutton shins. Ooooh, that's heavy... Serves him right! And thank goodness i won't be suspected and subjected to those stares from my hoomans the next time. Yeah!

Monday, 20 August 2007

Our First Video - Bond & Pumpkin IV

Daddy has been very free lately, so he thought why not perfect the tricks he has been teaching Bond. So here we go, our first video. Starring Bond and Pumpkin IV, his fourth orange squeaky ball.

Yawn... Nothing much actually. I can do better than that (er, if i wanted to). Grrr.... Anyway, time for Bukit Brown now.

Wednesday, 15 August 2007


OMG, Daddy came back this evening with a bandage on his left arm. I wondered what might have happened to him. The bandage was so big, so Bond & i thought it must be a very serious injury. We thought maybe another canine bit him! Growl, grrrr, who dared to do that to Daddy?!?! But he seemed fine, and even had a little smile on his face when he greeted us. Puzzling...

A couple of hours went by and he finally revealed what had actually happened. He got a tattoo on his arm. (Chey! And i snuggled up to him and was all nice to him for nothing!)

Cool, Dad! No offence Dad, but I think this is VERY VERY nice compared to the previous two. That rascal Bond kept woofing that the tattoo was most probably inspired by him, cos he thinks it looks like him. Yeah, right. Maybe, maybe your whiskers bear some resemblence, Bond... Helloo...! You are definitely nowhere near looking like a creature of the wild, especially in terms of character. I think it looks more like me (at least character wise cos i'm fearless like a wolf), it's GOTTA be inspired by me. Yeah yeah! Daddy was kind enough to say that it was inspired by both of us. Dad's so kind to Bond... Hee Hee!

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

AVA New Ruling

Daddy saw this article on The Straits Times yesterday. It's about a new ruling that requires all canines to be microchipped to curb irresponsible ownership here in Singapore. Pawsonally, Bond and i are all for it cos close to 10,000 unwanted animals are abandoned each year and canines make up more than 25% of it.

Daddy says that some irresponsible people buy a puppy on impulse, only to realise later that we need more than just food and water. Some are so taken by us when we are puppies as we are sooo... cute at that stage, not thinking that one day we will grow up and become like hooman adults, not sooo cute anymore. And of cos there is our teething stage, where we don't have pacifiers to soothe our irritated gums. There are so many reasons they get us in the first place, but some fail to realise that pets are for life. So sad... Luckily I've got Daddy and Mummy who care and love us so much.

Well, let us keep our paws crossed that this new ruling will really keep such sad irresponsible acts at bay.

Saturday, 4 August 2007

DASH August 07

Went to the much awaited DASH this afternoon at Mandai Quarry with Aunty C and Aunty S. Daddy was there too after his last one 3 months ago. It was a lovely day for On On..!

Conserving energy before the run

Bashing thru the bushes, and getting a little stuck.

This is the state of Daddy's shoes after the run

This is the state of Bond after the run

Hello, can someone pass me a 100 plus, please?

The Circle after the run. Those were the Virgins of the run.

I was charged for being "the least exercised canine" as someone noticed me panting too loudly. It was rather embarrassing. And suddenly i become Daddy's Boy cos Mum was very quick to point her finger at him when the host asked who my owner was. So Dad was asked into the circle to down one for me. Not that he's complaining.

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Training for the DASH

In preparation for the DASH this coming Saturday, Daddy brought us out for training last weekend. We went to Pet Movers Dog Run for some agility training. We went up and down, up and down the ramp to simulate going uphill and downhill. We chased some canines (more for me instead of Bond) to simulate dashing after the hare.

It was fun fun fun for us, but the smell that permeated the air almost made Daddy and Mummy kneel over. The place was definitely not in the same state as Bishan Dog Run.

Yo Bond, no frisbee during training please...

We then walked to U- Petgamart, which is about 2 km away, for a dip in the water. It was actually to clean us up before we were allowed back into the car.

After a couple hours of such intensive training, Daddy was satisfied and he declared us ready for the DASH. I wonder if he is though, cos the last time he DASHed with us was at the Turf City run 3 months ago, where he suffered from leg cramps and had to be left behind! Tsk Tsk...

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Super Watery Sunday

Bond and i had a Super Duper Sunday! Went to Bukit Brown cemetery this morning with Angel and his family. Unfortunately, Jaffe and Kaylie couldn't make it. I was disappointed... Anyway, thanks to the heavy downpour last night, the watering holes were filled nicely.

Angel couldn't wait to plunge into the water. I couldn't wait for him to come up so i could do my usual 'alpha male' growl at him.

The GR swim team.

Poor Mummy's leg had a little meeting with the ground. Bond and Angel were too excited at seeing each other and Bond started chasing Angel. Angel didn't see Mummy and ran into her while she was walking. Mummy was just embarrassed that she fell in front of Angel's family. Very uncool, she says.

This is called "Green Grass Ointment". It is Daddy's trusted remedy for all cuts. It also makes the person scream. Daddy isn't usually so caring, but he took great joy and TLC in applying it for Mummy. To ensure that the ointment really worked, Daddy held onto Mommy's leg rather tightly so that she couldn't "escape" while the treatment was in progress. I wondered what the high-pitched sounds coming from Mommy were just now.

It was unbelieveable, but Daddy brought us to Sentosa, two hours later. How awesome is that!?!?!? Many of Daddy's friends were there but there were only 4 canines. It was good! Plenty of attention was lavished on me, the cutest and most KL one!

Water again!!!

Bond found a frisbee at the beach. It took precedence over his usual "Loopies" for a while, until it sank into the water all of a sudden!

Chester was afraid of the water, so i decided to be his chaperone to make sure he got to shore safely.

That was really tiring for me. Finally found a mat to relax on and take forty winks.