Saturday, 4 August 2007

DASH August 07

Went to the much awaited DASH this afternoon at Mandai Quarry with Aunty C and Aunty S. Daddy was there too after his last one 3 months ago. It was a lovely day for On On..!

Conserving energy before the run

Bashing thru the bushes, and getting a little stuck.

This is the state of Daddy's shoes after the run

This is the state of Bond after the run

Hello, can someone pass me a 100 plus, please?

The Circle after the run. Those were the Virgins of the run.

I was charged for being "the least exercised canine" as someone noticed me panting too loudly. It was rather embarrassing. And suddenly i become Daddy's Boy cos Mum was very quick to point her finger at him when the host asked who my owner was. So Dad was asked into the circle to down one for me. Not that he's complaining.

1 comment:

Lorenza said...

The least exercised canine??? I can share that honor with you!!
Looks like and exciting and tiring day!
Hope you had fun with your mom, dad and Bond.
Have a good night