Tuesday, 28 August 2007

The Bookworm

This is the result of an ongoing investigation in the house. It was the 3rd time already that books had been torn apart every time our hoomans were out, but there has been no evidence of who the culprit is so far. Bond and I just look at them so innocently when they discover the mess, and they just cannot confirm who the guilty one is. Or could it be some worm eating up the books?!?

But not this time...

Who's the culprit??? Woof you it's him, but you guys just didn't believe me.

Hmmm... silly boy walks happily to Mum as she steps into the house, with shreds of paper in his mouth. Good grief young boy, how much more blatant do you wanna be??! Bond is found guilty under Section 129(a) of Canine Penal Code for Mischief. He will be dealt with very serverely, with a fine of 5 deer tendons and 5 mutton shins. Ooooh, that's heavy... Serves him right! And thank goodness i won't be suspected and subjected to those stares from my hoomans the next time. Yeah!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Jose.
This time we can't say Bond is not guilty. The evidence is in his mouth!!
Maybe you need to teach him about how to do it in the right way the next time!
Have a nice day

Scruffy said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! The silly Bond. He should know better than that. Guess he's not as smart as us Cairn Terrors.

The Mighty Scruff

Pacco de Mongrel said...

Oh my DOG!!

i swear my owner will murder me for this...

Ume said...

uh oh... Bond was so busted!

jaffeboy said...

We are the mature one, we won't be doing such childish things.

Bond Bond Bond, what can I say?!

ilovepearly said...


Iva & Pearly