Saturday, 27 October 2007

Bond Bond's Barkday

As promised for Bond's Barkday, i'm giving him this rare opportunity to use MY blog. Ok, here you go Bond!

Just-woke-up face! Give a smile boy!

Bond: Thanks kor kor! Play, Play, Play anyone??? Where's my ball??!!

Sigh... as i woofed, only one thing on his mind.... Can't wait for the treats and adventures to come. Yeah!

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Young Bond

It will be Bond's Barkday next Saturday, cool! More treats and outings for me too. Anyway, Dad was going through some old photos of us and i think it's quite timely that i put some photos of that rascal on my blog (in exchange for more treats). Here they are...

Bond on the way home for the 1st time

When he was only 9 weeks old.

When it was still very easy for me to bully him...

5 months

Still a baby at 1 year...

I must woof that he was pretty handsome as a puppy. Now that he's bigger than me in size, it's got a bit more difficult to bully him. He will be 2 years old next week, but Daddy suspects that he will never grow up, at least in the brain department.

Monday, 8 October 2007

Summary of B-Week

Daddy and Mummy made good on their promise! I had a pAwsome Barkday week! Check it out...

Day 1

Skipped Bukit Brown cemetery and went for a short off leash run at Lower Seletar Close instead where there was supposed to be less traffic. Then again, a truck had to apply the emergency brakes to avoid me, cos... he was going too fast (plus i sort of blended into the background). Reckless driver, hmph...

Day 2

Met up with Baileys and some other friends at Bishan Dog Run. We spent 2 whole hours there.

Day 3

Taking a breather at our void deck after a long long walk, waiting for Daddy to come home.

Day 4

Went to BDR again, but Mum forgot to bring the camera along. Dad's basically the photographer of the family.

Day 5

We prepped for the Dash. Mum brought us running, pant pant... Very sad to hear that one of our canine friends had just passed away. We'll miss you Herbie...

Day 6

Our monthly DASH at Seletar Air Base. My second time there but a totally different route. There was lots of cooling water in the drains. But, er, once i got in i couldn't jump back up. They were way too steep man! It's amazing how i kept being the only canine left there. How did the others get out?!?! Mum developed some biceps and triceps having to lift me out at least 5 times! (Blessing in disguise for Mum, hee hee!) I panted rather loudly again and got Uncle B, who was helping Mum take care of me, into the 'punishment' circle. Oops!

Day 7

Went out again, to Grandma's house. We were still in our On On mode and pulled Mum all the way there. And last day of my BarkWeek. Time really flies.

I had an excellent week. If only it was so happening all the time. My unfit hoomans were rather pooped today. Geez! Anyway, Bond's Barkday is coming soon.Let's hope he gets the same treatment too, cos what he gets, i'll get too. Yay yay yay...!

Monday, 1 October 2007

It's MY BarkDay!

Today is the 1st of Oct, it's Children's Day here in Singapore. But most Important Important Importantly, it's my Barkday! I'm 3 already. Which means every kid in Singapore celebrates my BarkDay too, right? Daddy says they are not going to just celebrate my Barkday today, but a whole BarkWeek from today! Cool! He promised to treat me like a Prince (he says he is still after all the King, hmph!) for this whole week, no 'helicopter' (holding me by the scruff of the neck) treatment and no yelling at me if possible.

For a start, Mum bought me some cheese muffins and a piece of small cake, just enough for me. Sorry Bond, you've got to wait till your Barkweek on the 27th of this month. And please don't drool on my cake. It's MINE!

Wondering what plans they have in store for me... Hmmm... Off leash running and hiking the whole week? Yeah Yeah! Anyway, Mum says i can have one barkday wish. Let me think.... more daily treats? Walkies 3 times a day? Allow me offleash to chase the cat? Never 'helicopter' me again? Hmmm.. too many wishes. I've got it! I wish that all my wishes will come true. Haha... that should cover all bases. Heehee...

Can i have MY cake now Pleaaassseee?