Tuesday, 28 August 2007

The Bookworm

This is the result of an ongoing investigation in the house. It was the 3rd time already that books had been torn apart every time our hoomans were out, but there has been no evidence of who the culprit is so far. Bond and I just look at them so innocently when they discover the mess, and they just cannot confirm who the guilty one is. Or could it be some worm eating up the books?!?

But not this time...

Who's the culprit??? Woof you it's him, but you guys just didn't believe me.

Hmmm... silly boy walks happily to Mum as she steps into the house, with shreds of paper in his mouth. Good grief young boy, how much more blatant do you wanna be??! Bond is found guilty under Section 129(a) of Canine Penal Code for Mischief. He will be dealt with very serverely, with a fine of 5 deer tendons and 5 mutton shins. Ooooh, that's heavy... Serves him right! And thank goodness i won't be suspected and subjected to those stares from my hoomans the next time. Yeah!

Monday, 20 August 2007

Our First Video - Bond & Pumpkin IV

Daddy has been very free lately, so he thought why not perfect the tricks he has been teaching Bond. So here we go, our first video. Starring Bond and Pumpkin IV, his fourth orange squeaky ball.

Yawn... Nothing much actually. I can do better than that (er, if i wanted to). Grrr.... Anyway, time for Bukit Brown now.

Wednesday, 15 August 2007


OMG, Daddy came back this evening with a bandage on his left arm. I wondered what might have happened to him. The bandage was so big, so Bond & i thought it must be a very serious injury. We thought maybe another canine bit him! Growl, grrrr, who dared to do that to Daddy?!?! But he seemed fine, and even had a little smile on his face when he greeted us. Puzzling...

A couple of hours went by and he finally revealed what had actually happened. He got a tattoo on his arm. (Chey! And i snuggled up to him and was all nice to him for nothing!)

Cool, Dad! No offence Dad, but I think this is VERY VERY nice compared to the previous two. That rascal Bond kept woofing that the tattoo was most probably inspired by him, cos he thinks it looks like him. Yeah, right. Maybe, maybe your whiskers bear some resemblence, Bond... Helloo...! You are definitely nowhere near looking like a creature of the wild, especially in terms of character. I think it looks more like me (at least character wise cos i'm fearless like a wolf), it's GOTTA be inspired by me. Yeah yeah! Daddy was kind enough to say that it was inspired by both of us. Dad's so kind to Bond... Hee Hee!

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

AVA New Ruling

Daddy saw this article on The Straits Times yesterday. It's about a new ruling that requires all canines to be microchipped to curb irresponsible ownership here in Singapore. Pawsonally, Bond and i are all for it cos close to 10,000 unwanted animals are abandoned each year and canines make up more than 25% of it.

Daddy says that some irresponsible people buy a puppy on impulse, only to realise later that we need more than just food and water. Some are so taken by us when we are puppies as we are sooo... cute at that stage, not thinking that one day we will grow up and become like hooman adults, not sooo cute anymore. And of cos there is our teething stage, where we don't have pacifiers to soothe our irritated gums. There are so many reasons they get us in the first place, but some fail to realise that pets are for life. So sad... Luckily I've got Daddy and Mummy who care and love us so much.

Well, let us keep our paws crossed that this new ruling will really keep such sad irresponsible acts at bay.

Saturday, 4 August 2007

DASH August 07

Went to the much awaited DASH this afternoon at Mandai Quarry with Aunty C and Aunty S. Daddy was there too after his last one 3 months ago. It was a lovely day for On On..!

Conserving energy before the run

Bashing thru the bushes, and getting a little stuck.

This is the state of Daddy's shoes after the run

This is the state of Bond after the run

Hello, can someone pass me a 100 plus, please?

The Circle after the run. Those were the Virgins of the run.

I was charged for being "the least exercised canine" as someone noticed me panting too loudly. It was rather embarrassing. And suddenly i become Daddy's Boy cos Mum was very quick to point her finger at him when the host asked who my owner was. So Dad was asked into the circle to down one for me. Not that he's complaining.

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Training for the DASH

In preparation for the DASH this coming Saturday, Daddy brought us out for training last weekend. We went to Pet Movers Dog Run for some agility training. We went up and down, up and down the ramp to simulate going uphill and downhill. We chased some canines (more for me instead of Bond) to simulate dashing after the hare.

It was fun fun fun for us, but the smell that permeated the air almost made Daddy and Mummy kneel over. The place was definitely not in the same state as Bishan Dog Run.

Yo Bond, no frisbee during training please...

We then walked to U- Petgamart, which is about 2 km away, for a dip in the water. It was actually to clean us up before we were allowed back into the car.

After a couple hours of such intensive training, Daddy was satisfied and he declared us ready for the DASH. I wonder if he is though, cos the last time he DASHed with us was at the Turf City run 3 months ago, where he suffered from leg cramps and had to be left behind! Tsk Tsk...