Wednesday, 30 May 2007

I've been Tagged!

Sorry for the long disappearance guys. Daddy has been busy learning about Photoshop, reading tons and tons of books, and he has had hardly any time for anything else. No time for Mummy, Bond or i...

Anyway, I've been tagged by Ume. Hmmm... let me think..................................

Ok ok..

1) I didn't really like Bond initially... he was such a major attention seeker as a puppy. (He still is...)
2) I'm terrified of vaccinations.
3) I love Mummy more than Daddy, cos she gives me treats for just loving me.
4) I hate baths. Grrr....
5) I am a beach bum.
6) I love to jump onto the sofa when Mummy is watching TV cos she will give me a good scratching every time.
7) I'm more afraid of Daddy than of Mummy. Hehe...

Now, who shall i tag???

Thursday, 17 May 2007


I have been hearing comments from many humans that i'm overweight. When they see me, they go,"Oh my! Jose is so fat now!" Grrr... that is so not true! I pawsonally think that i am at the pretty ideal weight of slightly below 8kg. (See breed standard) Now, let me set the record straight.

Daddy is a strict controller of my diet and he is also my physical trainer. Although he is fat (i didn't woof this, he admitted it himself), he still makes me jog with him once a week. That's in addition to my everyday walks. I have shorter legs, which logically translates into more miles for me, doesn't it?

I seriously don't eat alot, as compared to Bond. You can see what we have everyday, only one meal a day hor...

This is what Bond gets everyday.

And Me?

Isn't this miserable for a canine who exercises alot?

This is what i get everyday, topped with ONE cod liver oil capsule.(Ahem... Minus the mutton bone and secret treats from Mum everyday) Okay, so who still thinks i eat alot and is fat? Thank goodness Daddy knows that i'm more fur and less 'meat'. Whew!

Anyway, some updates on Bond. He just went back to the vet a couple of days ago to have his bandage removed. It seems that water had penetrated his bandage and there were some hot spots around the paw. His wound had even become infected. Poor Bond Bond! He was given an even BIGGER E-Collar and the vet advised Mummy to wear his shoes when he goes for a SHORT walk. And another 10 more days of medication, yucks!

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Not Again!!!

Just when Daddy was thinking that Bond has been such a good boy cos he hasn't bitten off his bandage, the expected BOND thing happened this morning. As Daddy left home to get lunch, OF COURSE that silly boy had to bite off part of his bandage and he tore the stitches too. Daddy was very angry when he came back and gave him a lecture.

Fearing it might lead to an infection, Daddy brought him to the vet AGAIN to change his bandage. The vet said that the wound would still heal but there might be a scar. Hmmm... i really think that Bond really likes to go to the clinic. Or maybe he thinks the clinic might give him a VIP card for being a regular there. As it is, the receptionist already knows Mum by name! So, not wanting Bond to bite his bandage again, the vet suggested.....

Tada!!! An E Collar for Bond. He sure looks like cartoon with that collar on. Anyway, hope this is it for the vet for at least a year!

The 'neglected' kid...

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

The road to recovery

Just went to the vet AGAIN to change Bond's bandage. The vet said that Bond was healing well. It was also the first time in 3 days that Bond got to go outdoors. Daddy has been rather protective of Bond, he even took leave for 5 days to make sure Bond didn't run or walk too much. And he's also been kinda neglecting me. First thing he does when he wakes up in the morning, he will go and sayang Bond. Last thing before he sleeps, same thing. It's been BOND, BOND, BOND. Hmph! Daddy, you'd better not spoil him too much hor...

Sleeping most of his time away... Something Daddy is very pleased about.

That rascal with his new bandage. Hmmm... I still prefer the old one, more colorful than this.

See what Daddy wrote on his bandage. Sigh... Daddy can be so child-like at times.

The vet advised that Bond should go back to change his bandage every 3 to 5 days. Daddy said that the last DASH was a very costly one. $500 and still counting... Poor Daddy, he's got to wait slightly longer before he can get his new camera lens.

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Bond's back!

Went to Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital again with Daddy and Mummy this morning. The hospital called very early in the morning to inform Mum that Bond was ready to come home. I was still sound asleep then, but Dad woke me up so that i could go along to cheer Bond up.

When we reached the hospital, Bond was still sleeping. He looked rather dazed. I was glad to see him again. The vet advised us to keep Bond home for the next two weeks and to allow him to walk as little as possible, or the wound would open up and he might have to go for stitching again. Oh dear oh dear! I wonder if hyper-active Bond can cope with that. I know i can't; my joints will get 'rusty' after 2 days. And they gave him medicine for the next 2 weeks, lots of different kinds. Yucks! Bond will have to go back again to change his bandage after 3 days, earlier if the bandage gets wet. Sigh...

One might easily mistaken this for a pig's trotter.

Daddy warned me not to 'provoke' Bond during this period so that he can recover faster. Don't worry Dad, he's the one who usually 'provokes' me, and not vice versa. I'll take good care of him, he's in good paws.

In a daze for the whole day.

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Bond in hospital!

Went for the DASH again this afternoon, Uncle J and Baby were there too. It's their first DASH. Think they had fun too.

What's a horse doing at a DASH?

Baby got struck in the small drain.

However, after we reached the finishing point, Daddy realised that Bond front left paw was bleeding profusely. Upon closer inspection, Daddy saw that Bond had a real deep cut on his paw pad. Boy it was bad, really bad. He was leaving bloodprints all over the place. With the help of Aunty S from the DASH, they managed to put a bandage on poor Bond's paw and we quickly left for Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital at Stevens Road.

The injury prone Bond

The vet examined Bond, and said that Bond needed some stitching. However, due to his hyper-activeness, Bond had to be put on General Anesthesia and be warded at the hospital for one day. Poor Bond, he was caged up for further examination by the vet. Mum was very reluctant to leave Bond but there was nothing much she could do. So we left for home without Bond. SO SAD!!

Sigh... Now we can't celebrate Daddy's birthday as a family tonight. And Daddy and Mummy will have to pick him up tomorrow morning. Think Bond must be missing us now, as much as we are missing him. Poor Bond!