Wednesday, 9 May 2007

The road to recovery

Just went to the vet AGAIN to change Bond's bandage. The vet said that Bond was healing well. It was also the first time in 3 days that Bond got to go outdoors. Daddy has been rather protective of Bond, he even took leave for 5 days to make sure Bond didn't run or walk too much. And he's also been kinda neglecting me. First thing he does when he wakes up in the morning, he will go and sayang Bond. Last thing before he sleeps, same thing. It's been BOND, BOND, BOND. Hmph! Daddy, you'd better not spoil him too much hor...

Sleeping most of his time away... Something Daddy is very pleased about.

That rascal with his new bandage. Hmmm... I still prefer the old one, more colorful than this.

See what Daddy wrote on his bandage. Sigh... Daddy can be so child-like at times.

The vet advised that Bond should go back to change his bandage every 3 to 5 days. Daddy said that the last DASH was a very costly one. $500 and still counting... Poor Daddy, he's got to wait slightly longer before he can get his new camera lens.

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Lorenza said...

Hi Jose. Don´t be mean with Bond. He is recovering! Please.