Thursday, 17 May 2007


I have been hearing comments from many humans that i'm overweight. When they see me, they go,"Oh my! Jose is so fat now!" Grrr... that is so not true! I pawsonally think that i am at the pretty ideal weight of slightly below 8kg. (See breed standard) Now, let me set the record straight.

Daddy is a strict controller of my diet and he is also my physical trainer. Although he is fat (i didn't woof this, he admitted it himself), he still makes me jog with him once a week. That's in addition to my everyday walks. I have shorter legs, which logically translates into more miles for me, doesn't it?

I seriously don't eat alot, as compared to Bond. You can see what we have everyday, only one meal a day hor...

This is what Bond gets everyday.

And Me?

Isn't this miserable for a canine who exercises alot?

This is what i get everyday, topped with ONE cod liver oil capsule.(Ahem... Minus the mutton bone and secret treats from Mum everyday) Okay, so who still thinks i eat alot and is fat? Thank goodness Daddy knows that i'm more fur and less 'meat'. Whew!

Anyway, some updates on Bond. He just went back to the vet a couple of days ago to have his bandage removed. It seems that water had penetrated his bandage and there were some hot spots around the paw. His wound had even become infected. Poor Bond Bond! He was given an even BIGGER E-Collar and the vet advised Mummy to wear his shoes when he goes for a SHORT walk. And another 10 more days of medication, yucks!


Pearly said...

Ohhhh...haha I feel sorry for you, YOU ARE NOT FAT now get your daddy to add some more ingridents into that bowl. :P

Lorenza said...

Hola Jose. How can you be fat with that little amount of food? No way.
I am so sorry about Bond. I hope he gets better.
Have a nice weekend.

Scruffy said...

Hmmm! You can't be fat with that little food. Lucky my Mummy gives me more than that.

Poor Bond! He seems to having a really bad time. He must be very manja now and trying to get your parents to sayang him all the time.

The Mighty Scruff

Ume said...

Hi Jose
of cos you're not fat! even if u r, u can schwim it off, rite?

btw, you've been tagged! chk out my blog for details!