Thursday, 10 May 2007

Not Again!!!

Just when Daddy was thinking that Bond has been such a good boy cos he hasn't bitten off his bandage, the expected BOND thing happened this morning. As Daddy left home to get lunch, OF COURSE that silly boy had to bite off part of his bandage and he tore the stitches too. Daddy was very angry when he came back and gave him a lecture.

Fearing it might lead to an infection, Daddy brought him to the vet AGAIN to change his bandage. The vet said that the wound would still heal but there might be a scar. Hmmm... i really think that Bond really likes to go to the clinic. Or maybe he thinks the clinic might give him a VIP card for being a regular there. As it is, the receptionist already knows Mum by name! So, not wanting Bond to bite his bandage again, the vet suggested.....

Tada!!! An E Collar for Bond. He sure looks like cartoon with that collar on. Anyway, hope this is it for the vet for at least a year!

The 'neglected' kid...


Lorenza said...

Poor Bond. I had to use one of those E collars twice. It didn't bohter me but my mom says I looked funny.
Jose please take care of Bond.
Have a nice weekend.

Scruffy said...

Poor Bond. Those collars are horrible. When I had to wear one, I kept bumping it all over.

Get well soon.

The Mighty Scruff