Saturday, 5 May 2007

Bond in hospital!

Went for the DASH again this afternoon, Uncle J and Baby were there too. It's their first DASH. Think they had fun too.

What's a horse doing at a DASH?

Baby got struck in the small drain.

However, after we reached the finishing point, Daddy realised that Bond front left paw was bleeding profusely. Upon closer inspection, Daddy saw that Bond had a real deep cut on his paw pad. Boy it was bad, really bad. He was leaving bloodprints all over the place. With the help of Aunty S from the DASH, they managed to put a bandage on poor Bond's paw and we quickly left for Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital at Stevens Road.

The injury prone Bond

The vet examined Bond, and said that Bond needed some stitching. However, due to his hyper-activeness, Bond had to be put on General Anesthesia and be warded at the hospital for one day. Poor Bond, he was caged up for further examination by the vet. Mum was very reluctant to leave Bond but there was nothing much she could do. So we left for home without Bond. SO SAD!!

Sigh... Now we can't celebrate Daddy's birthday as a family tonight. And Daddy and Mummy will have to pick him up tomorrow morning. Think Bond must be missing us now, as much as we are missing him. Poor Bond!

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Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Oh poor guy! I guess that means extra cake for you though, right?

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