Sunday, 6 May 2007

Bond's back!

Went to Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital again with Daddy and Mummy this morning. The hospital called very early in the morning to inform Mum that Bond was ready to come home. I was still sound asleep then, but Dad woke me up so that i could go along to cheer Bond up.

When we reached the hospital, Bond was still sleeping. He looked rather dazed. I was glad to see him again. The vet advised us to keep Bond home for the next two weeks and to allow him to walk as little as possible, or the wound would open up and he might have to go for stitching again. Oh dear oh dear! I wonder if hyper-active Bond can cope with that. I know i can't; my joints will get 'rusty' after 2 days. And they gave him medicine for the next 2 weeks, lots of different kinds. Yucks! Bond will have to go back again to change his bandage after 3 days, earlier if the bandage gets wet. Sigh...

One might easily mistaken this for a pig's trotter.

Daddy warned me not to 'provoke' Bond during this period so that he can recover faster. Don't worry Dad, he's the one who usually 'provokes' me, and not vice versa. I'll take good care of him, he's in good paws.

In a daze for the whole day.

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Lorenza said...

Poor Bond.Two weeks of no activity??? That is a lot ot time!!
Please take care of him José. I hope he has a soon recovery.
Besos y abrazos