Sunday, 29 April 2007

SKC Doggie Show

We went to Singapore Expo for the SKC Doggie Show this morning, together with Chester, of course. It was kinda weird cos i was expecting quite a lot of canines there. The turnout and the number of stalls were definitely the lowest i've seen. That didn't deter Mummy, though. She went on a shopping spree. She bought a lot of treats for us (drool drool), something Daddy is not very happy about cos he prefers to give us natural ones. But i'm totally fine with that. Hehe...

Meeting many canines there, big and small.

Grrr... Someone is staring at me!

We also met JD, a 3-year old Cairn Terrier. His humans were talking to Daddy and Mummy about our characters. We are very different. I'm dominant, he's submissive. I'm not into ball games, he loves playing fetch. And he's hyperactive while i'm...ahem! And i'm way darker than he is!

Although Daddy kept grumbling about
Mummy's impulsive buying, he just couldn't
resist buying this 'naked chicken' for Bond.

And they got me this set of 'dumbbells'.
You trying to tell me something, Dad?!

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Scruffy said...

Hey Jose

We were there in the afternoon. Met JD as well and talked to his parents. By that time there were loads of dogs and I had a great time butt sniffing. Toto was useless. He was asleep most of the time.

The Mighty Scruff