Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Our New Digital Camera (Part I)

Daddy just bought a new DSLR today, it's a Nikon D40X. Cool!!! Daddy says he got it at a much lesser price, thanks to my sworn uncle Joseph. (Daddy's sworn brother = my sworn uncle, right?)

He was telling Mummy about the camera's specs; 10.2 megapiglet, 3 frame per sec, 2.5inch LCD monitor, with a 18-55mm lens, and blah blah blah... Mummy didn't seem to understand most of the things he said. She just nodded her head (& pretended to look interested). Guess the only one who is so excited is Daddy. And if Mummy can't really understand, you think i can catch the ball? Hmmm...

Of course we then headed for Bishan Park in the evening to test the camera, even though it was really muddy. For good pictures, rain or shine right?

Bond, i hereby confer you 'OC FOS'. Full Of Shit, that is.

There's Daddy's amatuerish shots for you. Anyway Daddy, for the effort and dedication, i think i'll give you a 4-5% pay increase with immediate effect. If you continue to do well, i'll increase it further at the end of the year. How about that for some motivation? Hehe..

More pictures coming up soon..


jaffeboy said...

Yippeeee... Nice nice camera!!! Nice nice picture!!!

Jose darlin, so hvn't seen U for almost a week. It is so sad!!!


José Tan said...

Miss you too my K...:-(

Nissa said...

Keep up the good work.