Friday, 12 January 2007

Latest issue of "clubpets"

Daddy bought a copy of clubpets magazine yesterday and guess what... We Cairn Terriers are finally featured. Some of the things mentioned are quite true to my character while some are not. I pawsonally don't think all the recommendations made are good.

Seriously, I agree with the following:

  1. Fearless and hardy (need i explain more?)

  2. Alert and rough-and-ready appearance (meaning?.. Handsome lah!)

  3. Tends to bark excessively and is destructive without attention and proper guidance (Okay Daddy, now you know it's your fault when i destroyed that sofa and bark at passersby)

  4. A bath A MONTH is more than enough

  5. Needs lots of outings.

  6. Has a tendency to gain weight. (Aunty S, it's not my fault here, it's hereiditery.)

  7. Enjoys playing with children. ( Of cos i love children! They are my toys which make noise and run, of course i find it fun to growl and pounce on them!)

But i totally disagree with one particular point:

  1. It's advisable to be sparing on treats (That's total nonsense! I'm sure Jaffe, Kaylie and Bear will agree with me with all paws)

Don't believe everything you read, the facts are not always right, especially if the author probably does not own an irresistable Cairn Terrier like ME!!!


jaffeboy said...

Now... I think you should indeed cut down on the treats since U don't need them to put on weight.

I will gladly take your leftovers. Your treats are in safe paws, my friend.

Renee said...

You are adorable! We enjoyed poking about your blog and have bookmarked you. Come visit us sometime at ----Chloe (Out of the Doughouse: The Continuing Adventures of Chloe M)