Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Limping Bond Bond

Went to the vet with Bond this evening. Daddy suspected he might have broken his toes cos he had been limping for the past 3 days.

The vet concluded that it's just a case of a sprained toe. Bond was given one week "MC" and was advised not to go for long walks. And the cost of the whole consultation... about 3 kg of deer tendon!

Okay Daddy, let me clarify certain things here. That 3 kg of deer tendon is not under my account hor... And it's Bond who's on MC, not me hor... I will still need my daily dose of deer tendon and walks. Please remember that, or i'll tell Mummy what you told Bond about that young and pretty vet, ok?

P.S. I guess Bond was probably not woofing "On On!" last Saturday at the DASH. He was definitely crying "Ouch Ouch!"



kingsley said...

Wah.. hope that bond recovers soon!

Poor boy.. less treats and no walks.

that sucks.

fee said...

dear jose,

what happened to bond? did he fall on his paws or something?


José Tan said...

Hi Fee,

Thanks for asking. That rascal ran here and there like a lunatic at the Hash, might have injured himself somewhere. Anyway, he's recovering fast after soome medication. Thanks!