Saturday, 6 January 2007

The Dog Hash aka DASH

Went to Bukit Brown Cemetery this sunny Saturday afternoon together with Uncle B and Aunty C. Uncle TK and Bear were there too. This is our second DASH. The humans had fun, we canines had even more fun, everyone had a BASH!

Gathering for the DASH.

Off we go!

I, being the Alpha One, had to be at the head of the pack, of course. I was ahead most of the time with the FRBs (Front Running Bastards in HASH terms). Man, they sure needed a leader like me. The last time i was behind only because i was on leash. Not anymore! Daddy was chasing me all the way. Don't worry Daddy, i know this place well, remember? Mummy was nowhere to be seen...

How could i miss the opportunity to plunge into the water? I've been in this longkang many times, but not in this part of the wilderness.

Bond is such a show-off. He kept barking "On On" and "On On" and "On On"... all the way. Char Si Nang! SUMO Bond; Shut Up and Move On.

Hmmm... how do they expect Daddy and Mummy to get thru this tunnel? Poor them!

After an hour and a half of running here and there and everywhere, we finally reached the finishing point. I was among the first few, as expected.

Being Virgins (First timers), Uncle TK, Uncle B and Aunty C were invited into the "Circle". They had to give a self-intro and later bottoms up from a doggie bowl.

Casualties of a clumsy oaf. Alright alright, poor Bond Bond!


kingsley said...

Wah.... you must stick to your human.. you know that it is so lucky that one of the runners actually spotted you before you were hit by the car?

Also, someone also had to rescue you when you got stuck..

so dangerous.. tsk tsk tsk..

Maybe can train up your papa to run faster.. else you will have to run slower!

luckily.. not every human has a guard dog like me..else everyone will be too busy to look after their own dogs.

José Tan said...

Yup yup! So paiseh... Hehe...

kingsley said...


Maverick said...

So it was you who was tagging with Uncle Palani and Suria (Border collie) and Luna (black & brown girl), and I??
Too bad like you, my humans were SLOWwwwww too! Our humans should pay Uncle Palani for babysitting services next time at the hash!

Luna said...

Hi Jose..

I saw my brother in one of the photo (the drain tunnel photo)=) Err.. did he tried to..
a) not to get his legs wet; or
b) do his business (nature call); or
c) drink the dirty drain water

José Tan said...

Haha..think it's more to a). Maybe he not sure how shallow is the drain.