Sunday, 21 January 2007

Bond's new shoes

Went to 'U Petgamart' at Pasir Ris yesterday with my family. We took a dip in the pool there, but i think it's kinda small; 5m by 2m, max. I still prefer longkangs and the sea.

Anyway, we went there cos Daddy wanted to get some doggie shoes for Bond as he always hurts his paws, especially the hind ones.


So we find out that Bond's a size 6 :) They look rather smart actually...

Bond in his new shoes

And this afternoon, Daddy thought that we should test the durability of the shoes. Mummy predicted that we would come home without one, at least... So off we go to Bukit Brown Cemetery!

The state of Bond's shoes after one cemetery walk

Well, surprise surprise! All 4 came home with us!! However... totally torn, "soul-less" and filthy. I wonder if the brand is B.A.T.A. ( Buy And Throw Away) Looks like Daddy's gotta get better shoes for him, if it's possible to find some that Bond will not destroy. Metal ones?!?!?

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