Friday, 28 September 2007

Baileys' Barkday Pawty

My whole family went to Pawtobello Cafe this evening for the celebration of Baileys' 2nd Barkday. (Remember the toy and treats in my last post? Well, some were for Baileys and were carefully wrapped up by Mum.)

Happy Barkday Baileys!

Many of my friends from the dog run were there too with their hoomans. There were Ginger, Angel, Herbie, Bear Bear, Scuba and many many more. There were more GRs than any other canines and you can imagine the scene there. Mummy was particularly proud of us for good behaviour. We sat her feet quietly most of the night. Actually, we were waiting patiently for the food to be served, but Mum doesn't need to know that...

Yummilious healthy brown riceball with potato chowder

Smackalicious muttloaf

Gulp gulp!!!

The food was gone almost immdiately the moment the bowls were placed in front of us. I don't usually eat that fast, but with so many pairs of hungry canine eyes around us, it was the only way to go! Oh, and we were given individualised goodie bags too before we left. Cool pawty!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Jose
Happy Birthday to Bailey!!! Sure you had great time!
Why your meal was served in a pink bowl?? Who cares, a meal is a meal!!!
Have a good night

Scruffy said...

Happy Barkday to you Jose! You are now 3 years young!

The Mighty Scruff