Sunday, 22 July 2007

Super Watery Sunday

Bond and i had a Super Duper Sunday! Went to Bukit Brown cemetery this morning with Angel and his family. Unfortunately, Jaffe and Kaylie couldn't make it. I was disappointed... Anyway, thanks to the heavy downpour last night, the watering holes were filled nicely.

Angel couldn't wait to plunge into the water. I couldn't wait for him to come up so i could do my usual 'alpha male' growl at him.

The GR swim team.

Poor Mummy's leg had a little meeting with the ground. Bond and Angel were too excited at seeing each other and Bond started chasing Angel. Angel didn't see Mummy and ran into her while she was walking. Mummy was just embarrassed that she fell in front of Angel's family. Very uncool, she says.

This is called "Green Grass Ointment". It is Daddy's trusted remedy for all cuts. It also makes the person scream. Daddy isn't usually so caring, but he took great joy and TLC in applying it for Mummy. To ensure that the ointment really worked, Daddy held onto Mommy's leg rather tightly so that she couldn't "escape" while the treatment was in progress. I wondered what the high-pitched sounds coming from Mommy were just now.

It was unbelieveable, but Daddy brought us to Sentosa, two hours later. How awesome is that!?!?!? Many of Daddy's friends were there but there were only 4 canines. It was good! Plenty of attention was lavished on me, the cutest and most KL one!

Water again!!!

Bond found a frisbee at the beach. It took precedence over his usual "Loopies" for a while, until it sank into the water all of a sudden!

Chester was afraid of the water, so i decided to be his chaperone to make sure he got to shore safely.

That was really tiring for me. Finally found a mat to relax on and take forty winks.

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Lorenza said...

Hi, Jose.
I really enjoy reading about your visits to the beach! Seems to me that you really like it!
Poor Mom. I hope her leg gets better soon!
Have a good night