Sunday, 1 July 2007

Hash Site Recce

Phew! Just came back from site recce for the next Dog Hash (7th July 06) with my family at Springleaf Avenue. We were together with Baby and Chinky, and their humans. Not forgetting Uncle B too. Boy, it was tiring but fun fun fun!

We started the recce at around 3 plus and the whole thing lasted slightly more than 2 hours. Uncle F and Uncle B could have gone on forever, but we were tired after literally cutting through the woods and swim, swim, swimming in the water. Oh, this is also the first time Baby jumped into the water on her own! No photos taken cos Daddy left the camera in the car, too bad.

For now, i just wanna take my well deserved rest after my bath. See you... snore.... Zzzz...

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