Monday, 16 July 2007

Romantic Surprise

Mummy came back today with her eyes glistening with puppy love. To our surprise, it was for Daddy! Because guess what! Our spontaneous Daddy sent her a bunch of her favourite flowers to her school, and it was presented to her by her principal, much to her embarrassment!

Mummy's colleagues said that she had a glow on her face the whole day, but Mummy swears that it's because of the new moisturizer that she's using. Anyway, the lilies smelled so heavenly that Mummy kept sniffing and sniffing them, so now she has the sniffles herself! Good Job, Daddy!!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Jose.
Wow! That is a very romantic surprise for your mom! The flowers are beautiful! From here I can see how much they love each other. You are so lucky having a lovely family
Have a nice day

Scruffy said...

Aw shucks! What a lovely surprise. Its sooooo romantic. I think I must tell my Daddy to try that too. But Mum says he's very unromantic.

The Mighty Scruff

jaffeboy said...

awwww.... that is just so lovely. I better go tell PaPa to get his act together too!