Sunday, 24 December 2006

Morning Cemetery Walk

It was a beautiful Sunday morning at the Sime Road cemetery. No rain, no sun, just cool and windy. Perfect weather!

"sniff sniff"

Uncle R kept telling Mummy to let me go off leash, but Mum, knowing my independent character, was very apprehensive about it. Thanks to Daddy, he was willing to take the risk as he had his sneakers on today (so he could sprint after me in case... ahem). Freedom... Freedom...! There were a total of 6 GRs, Sky, 1 Rottie; my friend Bear Bear; and little ole me, the only terrier in the group. I did Mummy and Daddy proud alright.

Uncle R is a very nice man, an unpretentious man. Uncle R's got 4 GRs. Hmmm... Wonder how he copes with them. Guess his GRs aren't that disobedient and hyper like Bond that rascal. Bond was running here and there and everywhere, as if there were "things unseen" flying about. Good grief!

Pant pant pant ...

So nice to see Bear Bear again, but he was rather in need of training for some stamina. It was his first time in the "wilderness", so I guess he was just wanted to enjoy the scenery.

That's Uncle TK, Bear's Pa, and Uncle R. They were chatting about healthy living. Breathe in the fresh air! Uncle R also gave us a commentary on the who's who of the 'residents' there.

The water's cool, why wait? Bond and I waste no time in plunging into the longkang. Whoahoo!

Fear Factor contestant, Jose the Great Cairn Terror! Yeah yeah, that's me! They thought i was stuck there, hah, but i just wanted to make sure everyone saw fearless me mah.

What a successful outing! Excellent for training for the next HASH. Hope to see them again soon.


jaffeboy said...

Looks like some outting you had. Nice. We are stuck at home today all thanks to Kaylie. One sterilisation & everyone is busy around her.

Jose Tan said...

Hmmm... i used to be in that state too. Hope she gets better soon and we can meet at the park agaim.

JK said...
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Anonymous said...

Very very cool.. :>


BULLDOG said...

Happy new year jose... wof wof