Saturday, 30 December 2006

New Year's Resolutions

The sun was finally out yesterday and we went to the dogrun! All my friends were like 'ki xiao' after such a long break. It was MUDDY, but who cares? Even Mummy was enthusiastically shouting:"Run, boys, run!!"

Later on that same night, Daddy suddenly realised that there were only 48 hours left before the new year, 2007. He came up with this bright idea of having me come up with my new year's resolutions.

"Deep in thought"... Ahem...

Deeper in thought...

O, o, it's morning already! Ahhhh, what a good sleep can do for inspiration...


1. Get more exercise at the dogrun instead of hiding under the shade everytime.
This is to shed some extra flesh so that Aunty S won't complain about having a backache everytime she bends down to carry me. (Hey, i'm only 8 kg, you know! I still have that little bit of hourglass figure okay!)

2. Try not to shiver everytime they place me on the vet's table.
I know it doesn't do much for my macho image, but Daddy, don't you know i have Vaccinophobia? It's true!

3. Try to be more friendly to the cats at the void deck.
They should know by now that i'm a little K.L. ... Just like Daddy ... Hehe... But i'll try, i'll try!

Hmmm... i think that's all for me. Daddy says thinking too much will make me look older. I'm going to wrestle with that rascal again. Oh ya, Happy New Year to all of you! Woof! Woof!

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