Saturday, 10 March 2007


Wow.. It has been a rather busy week for me. Daddy told me just 3 days ago that Mummy's birthday is coming up and asked me and Bond to surprise her with a birthday gift. Hey Dad! Show me the money man! No $ how to get anything for Mum? Anyway, he said Mum prefers something money can't buy. Arrgh... How???

Been trying to get Bond to brainstorm some gift ideas for Mum, but he seems more interested in his kong.

Silly rascal, no sense of urgency! Leaving me all by myself to use 110% of my brain cells, sigh... Hmmm... what in the world doesn't require $$$? Man, this is too difficult.. arrgh!!! But i must, i must...

After totally exhausting myself, i thought a birthday card* for Mummy would be the way to go. So meaningful right?! As what Daddy says "It's the thought that counts." So... there we go, Tada!!! Our card for Mummy!

*It's a simple card with a lot of hearts.


As Mummy goes, you are No. 1 ! We Love You!!!

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jaffeboy said...

OMDog!!! It's your Mommy's BD today?! So rude of us to not wish her a big Happy BD!!!

Pls kiss kiss her on our behalf & bark a big Happy BD to her.