Monday, 12 March 2007

Photo of Sentosa Outing

Had a great time at Sentosa last Saturday with many of my friends. Just wanna share some of the pix.

Baileys wrestling with Bond.

Jaffe and Kaylie


The rascal looking for somebody to disturb.

See what that rascal did to Daddy's arm. Hey Dad, it's partly your fault too. You forgot to trim his dewclaws.

Bond the "GOLDen" Retriever. Daddy is hoping that the rascal might one day dig out some gold bars.

Me, the Beach Patrol.

Jaffe laughing at me being the lifeguard.
After Sentosa, our humans drove to Blooie's where they had their dinner. Let me stress; THEIR dinner. We did have some mouthwatering H2O, courtesy of Blooie's.

Alright Baileys, I know i'm sweet. Just stop licking me please. I was already dry!
Oh! And for Mummy's birthday, Daddy got her a white and pink Nokia mobile phone. Mummy says the phone comes with a 3 Mega-piglet camera (dunno what it means, a camera is a camera to me), which means she can take more pictures of us in future. Hmmm... we shall see.

So girly!!

More photo on Jaffe's blog.

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