Saturday, 16 June 2007

Mum's back!

Mummy's back from Istanbul! Yipee! More outings for us from now on. Swimming, hiking, dog run..... Yeah Yeah Yeah!! Life wasn't good for Bond and i in her absence cos Daddy only brought us out for short walks after his hectic day. And one of the days he came back only after midnight, fed us and went to sleep before waking up for work at 4am again. But he did gave us one big bone everyday before he left for work. Better than nothing...

I have been a good boy so far, not so for Bond. Daddy was pretty upset with him cos he played with newspapers, plastic bags and coasters, leaving pieces of them everywhere. Daddy knew it was Bond cos that silly boy had a piece of newspapaper stuck at the side of his mouth when Daddy came back. Gotcha, bad boy! Me Angel!

Basking in the sun when no one is around...

Can't wait to go out this weekend with Mommy and Daddy. Totally miss all my friends at the BDR. Saw Baileys and Chester with their humans there last Sunday and we had loads of fun (& freedom).

Daddy says i'll be going for grooming next week cos my fur's getting long and messy. Hey, shouldn't that be the way we Cairn Terrors look? Anyway, i know i'll look handsome with whichever style they give me.

Well, til we meet again, my friends! Soon, i hope...


jaffeboy said...

Jose mommy welcom home!!! We miss miss you!!! Bring Jose to the park park soon!!!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Jose.
Glad your mom is back.
I missed you!
Have a nice weekend

Scruffy said...

Hi Jose
Great to hear your Mum is back. We've missed you.

The Mighty Scruff

Ume said...

hi angel Jose,
of cos u would look handsome however.
did u have fun at BDR?