Sunday, 3 June 2007

Mum was knighted!

Had a wonderful weekened again. Went to the DASH yesterday again with Mummy, Uncle B, Aunty C and Kaylie's family. Bond couldn't go cos his paw has yet to fully recover, and Dad had to stay home with him. It was a wet wet DASH for us canines, with many refreshing watering holes. Shiok!

Mummy was nominated to be the hare for the next DASH and will be assisted by another hare named "CHICKEN SHIT". She was also knighted "LEADERSHIT" (not misspelled here) cos she introduced Uncle B, Aunty C and Kaylie's humans to the DASH thingy. She now belongs to the SHIT group, thanks to Uncle Gerald from the DASH. I sure am looking forward to the next recce for July's DASH. GO LEADERSHIT GO!

To make up for what Bond missed out on yesterday, we all went to the BDR this evening. This was to also make sure Bond's joints don't get too rusty, even though his paw is still tender.

Com'on Bond, let me show you the way.

Treats for me, Mum?

Just happy to be sitting around and watching the world go by.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Jose.
I am so happy you had a great day!
I like your pictures.
I hope Bond is feeling better
Have a nice day

Scruffy said...

Hi Jose

Just dropped by to tell you I have just tagged you. Ha! Ha!

The Mighty Scruff

jaffeboy said...

Miss U Jose. I hope your Dad will bring you to the park park when mum is not around.

See you soon...

Ben_Benjamin said...

Hi cutie.