Sunday, 4 February 2007

What a weekend!

What a weekend it has been! Three solid days of happening! Went to U Petgamart again on Friday to collect our membership card, but was informed it was not ready. We were quite disappointed when we found out that the pool only opens on weekends, sigh...

Not wanting to waste the trip there, we walked around the store. We were greeted by this huge Great Dane. Boy, it was at least 12 times my size. It tried to get close to me but i made my "I'm no pushover" statement. Keke... it then went for Bond instead.

Guess what that rascal got? He got this huge beef bone and doggie bed. Arrgh...

And on Saturday afternoon, we went to the Dog Hash with Aunty C, Uncle S and Uncle K. Jaffe, Kaylie and Bear were there with their humans too. Daddy was not there cos he had to work. That explains why there are no photograph, he's my official photographer. It was a great Hash, the best of the 3 i've been to.

Sunday afternoon... My family went to the SKC Dog Show at Singapore Expo. There were many many dogs, of different size and colour.

SKC officials setting up the Agility course for the competitors. I wonder if Bond will ever be able to make it there in the ring, if he does attend the agility course.

That's me being very well-behaved at the Dog Show.

Guess what! Daddy bought that rascal a new pair of shoes again at the Dog Show. It's called Neo-Paws and the sales person said it is very durable and gave a money-back guarantee. He probably doesn't know what Bond is capable of! Hmph!

Sunday evening... Blooie's Roadhouse Bar & Grill at Science Park Road. Okay, this one excluded me and Bond. Only Daddy and Mummy went. They liked the place very much(canines allowed). They said they needed some time together and they would bring us there the next time. Not that i'm complaining...

Hmmm... how i wish every weekend was like this. Except instead of buying so many things for Bond (bone, bed and shoes), i get something too.


jaffeboy said...

Poor Jose... No worries, you can have my MaMa's love. Oh... we love the Blooies also. MaMa & PaPa use to bring us there too.

Alix&Art said...

Is blooies very gd?how is the food? how much would a decent meal cost for a human and a dog?

nice blog!


José Tan said...

Jaffe, maybe one day we can go together after Sentosa.:-)
What Daddy thought of Blooie:

Food= 5 treats
Service= 5 treats
Ambience= 4 treats
Price = 3 treats

Mummy thinks $80 for a seafood platter, potato skin, a huge bacon cheese burger and 2 pints of beer is quite reasonable.